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  1. I haven’t read the whole thread but wanted you to know I’m still waiting for my refund from cancellation of Spectrum Shanghai cruise. Royal canceled on Feb19th and said I’d probably have my refund by February 27th or sooner. After 3 weeks I wrote to Michael Bayley’s office and received partial refund. I’m only out $740 but still that’s a lot of money that some people can’t afford to lose. Hopefully other passengers have better luck than I did.
  2. We too had our Shanghai cruise canceled on February 19th. Didn’t receive the first refund until March 10th. (This only came after an email to Michael Bayley’s office.) It has come in different transactions but I’m still owed $740. I’ll wait until March 20 (30 days after cancellation) and ask my credit card company to refund the monies. So stay on top of the refunds and make sure you get the full amount. Also, we had the unfortunate luck to book a vacation to Disney World since we couldn’t go to Asia. Haven’t even begun to see those refunds come in.
  3. My Shanghai cruise was cancelled February 19th, no refund yet.
  4. I think you’ll have a better chance of getting FCC than a refund. I’m still waiting for my refund from canceled (byRoyal) Spectrum Shanghai to Shanghai. I was supposed to receive the refund by February 27th or sooner. Still waiting.
  5. How long did it take you to get your refund? My fare was supposed to be refunded February 27th, still haven’t received it.
  6. The email said that I should see the refund by February 27th but most likely sooner. Just wondering if someone has received the refund. I would like to book another vacation that would start March 14th but want to use this money when booking airfare and hotels.
  7. Has anyone gotten their refund for recent cruise canceled by Royal? I was supposed to receive it by today and it hasn’t posted to my credit card yet. This was a Shanghai to Shanghai cruise on Spectrum in March that was canceled on February 19th.
  8. I was booked on Spectrum sailing March 21, 2020 Shanghai to Shanghai. I was going to cancel between 30-60 days and told I would lose 75% of the cruise fare and $225 on each airline ticket even though American had canceled our flights, booked the flights with Air2Sea with Royal. I emailed Michael Bayley’s office and explained that we saved a long time for this cruise and was then offered FCC. I then decided to wait and see if Royal canceled knowing I could at least get 100% FCC. On February 19th I received a letter from travel agent saying Royal canceled and I would get full refund by February
  9. Update on Travel Guard insurance. Our Spectrum Shanghai to Shanghai on March 21 was canceled last Wednesday. Royal will give a full refund on cruise, air and even the $65 I paid to downline (leave the ship early in Tokyo instead of Shanghai). All tour companies refunded monies as well as hotels. I contacted Travel Guard and asked for a refund because at this point there is nothing to insure and it wasn’t my choice to cancel. They said I could have credit to be used within 2 years. So I’d suggest you check other insurance carriers and see what their policy is for something like this. We have pu
  10. Thanks FL Connie for your reply. I need to make sure Royal refunds everything and then the travel insurance company will let me know if they will refund policy premium since I’m not rebooking another cruise at this time.
  11. I need to clarify my question in post #9. Do you think travel insurance will reimburse policy cost due to the airlines and cruise line cancellations? Had a cruise booked to China in March, airlines and Royal have now canceled both the flight and cruise. Hotels and tours have refunded money. Since there is nothing left to insure would they reimburse the cost? I bought trip insurance before final payment because I had refundable deposits. In a sense there was insurance for approximately 6 weeks from purchase date to cancellations.
  12. I wonder if this is the same if the airlines and cruise line cancel?
  13. We only cruised Royal for maybe 15-20 cruises. A few years ago we were at a table with a couple that only cruised through Princess. It was their first Royal Cruise. They were treated far better that we were. This is when we figured there was no reason to be loyal to Royal. So we have been cruising with Princess the last few years and have been treated as well or better than Royal had treated us the last few cruises. Only booked this one because we wanted a shorter cruise than Princess offered. Also paid $65 to downline and hoping to get this back. Good luck with getting your money back.
  14. No, there wasn’t any offer of any OBC or FCC but I didn’t expect anything since the March 5th cruise wasn’t offered anything. It’s a shame they waited to the last minute to cancel when they knew this cruise wasn’t going on as planned. Now it costs more for flights to travel during that time frame. Money to be refunded by February 27th. Also, just went on website and the cruise is still posted. Didn’t try to book it so I’m not sure you could go all the way through with the reservation. Good luck with getting a refund on your cruise.
  15. Just got email from my travel agent that Royal canceled March 21 Shanghai to Shanghai cruise.
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