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  1. Based on the wording on the Celebrity website, FCC for the cruises that are impacted by Celebrity's decision to cancel those for at least the next 30 days would amount to 125% of the cruise cost. I cancelled the March 15 Silhouette cruise 2 days ago. Should I expect to receive 100% FCC under their Cruise With Confidence cancellation promotion or 125% FCC now that Celebrity has cancelled the cruise. I'm guessing 100% but hoping for 125%.
  2. We just cancelled with them and they are giving the $100 cancellation fee back to us as an FCC.
  3. Bright side: got an upgrade on Monday 3/9 from an inside gty to a balcony for our March 15th 12 night Eastern/Southern Caribbean cruise. Dark side: had to cancel the next day 3/10 due to the coronavirus (wife has a compromised immune system)
  4. Our veranda on the March 15th Silhouette became available today. We cancelled because my wife has a compromised immune system(lupus). Boy were we looking forward to 12 nights in the Caribbean. Maybe later this year or next.
  5. We bid $50.00 over the minimum on both an oceanview and a veranda and got the veranda. We were in an inside guarantee.
  6. Got a move up bid acceptance yesterday on the March 15th Silhouette and cancelled the cruise today because of wife's compromised immune system(lupus).
  7. Oh and Lighthouse Parking is great. We've used them all 9 Liberty cruises. On our last Liberty cruise in October, I inadvertently dropped our passports in the parking lot and didn't notice it until we were in the terminal. I went back to where Lighthouse drops off passengers and they were on the next shuttle waiting for me.
  8. Promenade rooms on Liberty are great. Have had 4 on our 9 Liberty cruises. We try to get deck 6 (6309, 6311, 6313) looking out at the Promenade Cafe. FYI, your bottle of rum that you "might" purchase on board to enjoy during the cruise will be delivered to your room the night before you disembark. Enjoy your cruise. We'll be on Liberty for a B2B in Aug/Sept. Got a great deal on a hump balcony.
  9. We've decided to cancel. My 63 yo wife has lupus so we couldn't take a chance.
  10. In the process of cancelling our March 15th 12 night Silhouette cruise. I'm 66 in good health, however 63 yo wife has lupus so we couldn't risk it with her. We had just been upgraded yesterday from an inside to a veranda so will miss the improved scenery. Have a B2B in Aug/Sept on RC Liberty. Hopefully all will be quiet by then.
  11. Received my move up from an inside guarantee to a veranda this morning. Haven't decided whether to cancel the cruise yet.
  12. Meeting her for the first time 2 weeks from today.
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