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  1. Ya Southwest has it one year from the date you purchased. So if I cancelled tomorrow, it expires September. And u have to complete travel by September so I would not use this air. I would use it for next March though
  2. I think u are correct. Insurers are a business so an expiration date is not their issue as long as we are issued a credit, I’m sure insurances are off the hook to reimburse. Technically, it wouldn’t be considered non refundable I guess - southwest air issues credits but they expire from time u booked - 1 year -ugh
  3. Question that has me confused. Most insurance would cover a cancel of a cruise if advisory is issued but not refund if the cruise is offering a credit. So if airline gives a credit but has an expiry date of September and you can not use it by September, would insurance give refund ?
  4. Can u use FCC on anything else other than fare price? Like beverage package or tips or taxes? Thanks
  5. There’s a great site a colllege student is doing keeping up with cases. Ncovid19 dot live poor Italy 4 percent mortality
  6. Thanks everyone. Cancelled. FCC WILL be issued in april 30 days.
  7. I’m emailing agent right now. Thank you
  8. It also has been posted a doctors note is required so you just can’t call and say I have a fever and expect refund or FCC
  9. Great question- I may need it!! Lol so Princess ya now giving 100 percent FCC . Hopefully royal will too!!
  10. I think u are right. I heard when we had the SARS outbreak, the fever checking did not catch anyone but at least it is good they are checking
  11. I read in one of the cruise boards the family got to the port, the Toddler had a fever ( denied boarding) and only provided 1 future cruise credit . The family is fighting with the cruise line. It could even be royal- not sure what line I read this in
  12. hahaha.. I thought of it! But I'm too damn honest... I do however have a hair dresser from Northern Italy
  13. Is not there a meeting with the ship directors Saturday too. Yes Freedom out of San Juan 7 day. Honestly, and I know a lot will not agree with me, but I think all cruises should be stopped for a while or at least give people future cruise credits. It is stressing a lot of people out.
  14. What $ will I Lose? My TA doesn’t seem to respond to my emails. Ugh. I realize must of it but what about port fees? tax? gratuities?
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