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  1. ??? 1 what? Sent from my SM-N920P using Forums mobile app
  2. Wondering when RCI will release their 2018 Fall Transatlantic sailings? We did the west bound TA in Fall, 2012 and absolutely loved it. One trip and we went to England, Ireland, France, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. I will be turning 50 next year and I can pick whatever trip I want so I am hoping to choose a similar cruise.
  3. I have booked the Feb. 2, 2017 3 day Bahamas cruise on Carnival for myself and 3 girlfriends. We wanted the cheapest rooms on the ship as we don't anticipate being in the room except for sleeping and showering. That would be a 1A which is an upper and lower bed. Do you have an opinion on the comfort level of the upper bunk? Also, cabin location...6224 and 6227 are directly over the theater but are more in the back stage area than the actual performing stage area. Do you think there will be issues with noise from the theater? We don't anticipate early bed times...probably 11pm or later.
  4. No, 40's. My DH and I don't bring formal dress on cruises anymore. We still dress decent (dockers/button up shirt, dress pants/nice top) that night and eat in the MDR. I see no reason why both camps can't co-exist. If you want to wear formal on formal night, do so. If you want to dress more casually on formal night, do so. I will never understand why people are bothered by what someone else wears. None of us should be trying to dictate what anyone else wears. A cruise is such a beautiful, relaxing way to vacation...why get your panties in a wad about what someone else is wearing. Live and let live!
  5. Really...folks stare at men who don't wear a jacket? My DH hasn't packed a tux, suit or even a sport coat for our last 4 or 5 cruises and we have never noticed anyone staring. Although maybe we are too busy enjoying ourselves to worry about who was staring at us or why.
  6. I tried to price out our December cruise on Vision under the new "sale". Thanks to their "upgraded" website I can't get past the cabin selection screen...keeps telling me "The information you requested is not available at this time." Everything old is new again, sigh....
  7. Muster was at 8pm on both our weeks of a b2b on Jewel last month.
  8. Yes, Lisa...just down the road! I have several family and friends that live in N. Ridgeville. Since I know you're just as cold as I am right now, I bet you wish you were on a cruise right now too!!!
  9. I THINK it is an Ohio State National Champions of college football banner...and as an Alabama fan this hurts my stomach!!
  10. All of our cruises, RCCL and NCL, have been booked directly with the cruise line. I'm too much of a control freak to give up the ability to make changes, check on things, ask questions directly!
  11. Jewel, left San Juan 01/03/15. Saw on-line 1 week before cruise left that Tortola had been switched to St. Thomas. Never received any official notification. Was scheduled for a Sunday so when we arrived in St. Thomas there was LITERALLY nothing open, NOTHING. I love St. Thomas but since we were on a B2B and were going to St. Thomas the 2nd week as well, we decided to just get off the ship and walking around in the shops and take the Skyride to Paradise Point. Not a single store was open, Skyride wasn't open. We walked back to the ship and enjoyed the day by the pool. We did notice after lunch that the Skyride was operating so I guess they opened everything up later in the day.
  12. Our first cruise our bar tab was $700 for the two of us...and that was holding back a little!!! My husband can drink beer like water so this last cruise he got the Select package and I got the Royal Replenish package (and just paid for a few alcoholic drinks here and there for myself). We both got more than our money's worth out of it.
  13. Last month on Jewel we left our hotel at 11am, were at the port by 11:20, in the Windjammer enjoying lunch before noon. Very easy, non-crowded embarkation. Enjoy your trip on Jewel!!
  14. I haven't been on the Vision yet, although we can't wait for our 16 day b2b on her in December, but, on Jewel last month I asked our waiter for dessert to go and he just left it on the plate with the cover over it, wrapped up some silverware and even brought me some milk in a carton to go with it. It was awesome to eat it on my balcony later that night!!
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