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  1. Great question! Same for us so hope to get some info.
  2. So excited for the renovations! Thank you for sharing the info, and after reading some of these posts I am so very thankful we are thankful. March 30th sailing here....days away... and our first cruise on Celebrity. Woot! Woot! The Keilmans will be on the ship to have a fabulous time regardless of decor!
  3. PTKeil

    ATT cells

    Yes! That's excellent news, too. Thank you!
  4. PTKeil

    ATT cells

    Thanks all! Glad to know our cells will work there. So excited to visit! Have a great weekend.
  5. PTKeil

    ATT cells

    Hi, all! We have ATT cell service here on mainland U.S. Will we be able to use our cells in San Juan without a special package? I have called ATT before and their workers have given me incorrect info so I am asking those of you with direct knowledge.
  6. Thank you all for your great input and suggestions! Although I am very disappointed at the change and the fact that we were not informed of the fact in rescheduling, you have made me very excited about the different ports!
  7. So we were scheduled to book on our first Celebrity cruise 3/23/19. It included "free" gratuities, classic drink package, and $400 shipboard credit. Our original itinerary that was booked as our paperwork states was as follows: San Juan St. Thomas St. Kitts St. Johns, St. Lucia Barbados Sea San Juan Weeks later we received notice that our cruise on 3/23 was cancelled due to dry dock extension, but we could book a week later for the same price and deal, with a bonus of $100 more shipboard credit for our inconvenience. There was no mention of any itinerary change from either Celebrity or our booking company at any time. It was proposed as merely a week's time change as a service to us. I am now starting to book excursions and realized that our new itinerary the week later of 3/30 is distinctly different from what we booked for 3/23, and it seems exceedingly lower quality. Please tell me otherwise if I am incorrect: San Juan St. Croix St. Marteen Roseau Dominica Barbados St. George Sea San Juan I am absolutely disappointed in the customer service and communication with both Celebrity and our cruise company in that at no time was an itinerary change ever mentioned when they offered to rebook for the following week.
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