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  1. I believe the goal here is to allow customers to have the combination of a cruise and land based Bahama vacation. RCI has always enabled people to shoulder their cruise with land based stays. This reverses that formula with the cruise as the shoulders, but with RCI controlling the entire vacation. I feel RCI will review how profitable this becomes. If profitable, I then think that they will then build the hotel that they have discussed on CoCo Cay. Just my thoughts.
  2. We have been on both ships and like them both. Not sure if you know that the Oasis will be sailing out of NJ during the 2020 Summer.
  3. Those are cargo shorts but most likely would pass as dress shorts these days. LOL
  4. Thank you RicoRoxy for the Compasses and maps. We are going on Labor Day.
  5. The real concern about cruising the first week after a dry dock is that they may cancel the entire cruise if they run into major delays. Good luck.
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