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  1. Does anyone know if you can purchase a ticket for the Cartagena Ho Ho bus at the dock or do you have to buy it through Princess?
  2. That's why I asked the experts on cruise critic. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. We're riding the White Pass Railway in Skagway, roundtrip. Does anyone know if the seats are assigned? I seem to remember reading that the right side was the most scenic on the way up and the left side on the way down. Are you on the same side both ways? I don't think the train turns around. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. For anyone who has cruised to Alaska this summer on the Ruby Princess, was the laundry room closed at any time? I would love to pack fewer clothes and wash a load during the cruise. Thanks for any info.
  5. Wow, this has been an ordeal. After speaking with two different Customer Service Reps who said the refund for my canceled shore excursions would go back on my VISA card in 10 to 15 days, I waited over three weeks for the refund to appear. I called Princess again on Monday and spoke with a young man who said it would not go back on my credit card, but would show up as OBC on my shipboard account. Yeah, right. So, after telling him several times that I did not want OBC, I wanted a refund to my credit card as I had been told, he finally put me on hold and then came back and said it would be a credit on my VISA card and it showed up today. I was afraid if I boarded the ship, checked my account, the OBC would not be there and good luck explaining this to the passenger services desk. I'll be very hesitant to pre-book any excursions on future cruises. It's not worth the hassle.
  6. OK, I just spoke with a different CSR at Princess and she said the amount I charged for the tours should be refunded to the credit card that was used to pay for the tours. She said this usually takes 10 to 15 days because it has to go through the finance department. I'll just watch for it on my statement and let everyone know what happens. Thanks for all your replies.
  7. skynight, thanks for the link to the terms on booking excursions. I booked two excursions. One was the train in Skagway for $135.95 pp and the other was a tour in Victoria for $59.95 pp. We each had OBC of $100 for the booking. Princess applied this OBC to the train which left $71.90 due. I charged both tours at the same time to my Princess VISA card in the amount of $191.80 which covered the amount due for the train and also the tours in Victoria. I expected a credit of $119.90 on my credit card which was the amount of the two tours I canceled. The cruise isn't until September. I'll call back and try to get a better response. It doesn't seem fair for Princess to keep my money for several months. This really irritates me. Final payment is due July 1 and I haven't paid it yet.
  8. We're going on the Ruby to Alaska and I canceled a shore excursion in Victoria. It's not showing up on my Princess Visa as a credit. When I called Princess, I was told it would show up as OBC on the folio when I boarded the ship. Why isn't it refunded on my credit card? They're really quick to charge when you book an excursion, but I have to wait months to get it credited as OBC? Has anyone had a problem getting the credit as OBC? Thanks for any info.
  9. I looked at that picture. I always check Renmar's site. That picture indicates that the view would be the same as the Princess website and not the obstructed deck plan shown in the Princess cruise atlas, which shows a lifeboat right in front of the window in E631. I just wanted to hear from someone who has stayed in the stateroom. Thanks Eaglecw for letting me know.
  10. I'm thinking of booking E631 on the Ruby. I'd like to know from somebody who has actually stayed in this stateroom. The deck plans on the Princess website differ from the deck plans shown in the cruise atlas. The atlas shows that E631 is fully obstructed while the web site shows that it just like the Crown and the Emerald with little to no obstruction. I'd like to know for sure before I book it. I always thought that the Crown, Emerald and Ruby were identical. Thanks for any information.
  11. I'm thinking about booking a cruise in Alaska in September. How cold might it get? Any snow? The last two cruises we took were in July and it was so warm, it didn't even feel like Alaska so I'd appreciate any information.
  12. Does anybody know where the Ruby will dock for the day on our CA coastal stop in San Francisco. I think we'll be the only ship in port. Thanks for any information.
  13. Well, this stinks! We'll be on the Ruby in a couple of weeks and I hope we can request a chair. My husband loves to sit and read a book there. As with most Princess decisions, I'm sure this has to do with money. If you're staying in your room, you're not out spending money on the ship. With over 30 Princess cruises, we have noticed a change over the years and not for the better. I'm pretty this will be our last Princess cruise. Too bad.
  14. I promised to let you know how it turned out. To answer my original question, is EZ Air covered by Princess insurance? The answer for me is maybe. After filing the claim with Aon, we each received a check, which covered the cruise fare, but only a portion of our air. I called Aon and the lady I spoke with had handled our claim. She said she would check with Princess and call me back. After a week of waiting to hear from her, I called again and she said she was sending another check to each of us, but the amount still didn't cover the air. She said to call Princess and I might be able to request an additional refund. So, after waiting on line with a CSR at Princess, I was disconnected. I called back and waited another 45 minutes before receiving an answer. Princess was going to refund over $1,000, which would be a credit to my Visa card. I have no idea why. The amounts don't add up, but it is more than I requested, so I'm happy. I still don't know why Aon didn't handle the refund. Princess said I had restricted air, but I had purchased flexible air. I think the confusion was because after final payment, I requested early ticketing rather than waiting for 45 days out. I always do that because we fly out of a small airport on small jets and I'm afraid to wait for seat assignments. I did notice that the e-mails from Princess on our flight schedules went from flexible to restricted after final payment. Now, it makes sense, since after the flights are ticketed, you can't make any changes, which I never do because there is nothing to change to. Sorry this is so long. Since we've never had to cancel a cruise before, I wasn't aware of the flight changes. Anyway, maybe others have had this happen with Princess refunding money. I just didn't expect it.
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