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  1. Just picking up this discussion having returned from the USA on a Cunard Transatlantic with my new Apple Watch. Time changes: As far as I can see, these can only be done from the paired iPhone, connected by Bluetooth. Exercise: I was doing very impressive 3 minute miles around the deck! But interestingly only getting the calories credit for the steps actually taken. So it raises questions about how the algorithm’s actually work. Calendar: I found this feature useful as I could load the daily program.
  2. The last time we entered New York, in November 2018, we had a Port cabin and got great views of Manhattan and the statue etc on the way in, then the ship turned round and our cabin overlooked the terminal.
  3. Arrival always seems to be at the same time and there is quite a bit of time to walk around the decks enjoying the view. If you’re on the right side there are great views from your balcony if you are on one of the upper decks.
  4. Yes, you can eat about 7% more on a Westbound crossing, courtesy of the 10 hour time difference!
  5. They were! A broken hip I believe, but we were told they were ok.
  6. I’m going to add a number 11. Slow, limited internet. May it never improve .............!
  7. Reading this whilst spending our last hour in cabin 12048, just by stairway B. Very nice cabin, near the pool which I really like - no noise with the cabin door closed. Noisy when the helicopter comes though ........ Stairway B takes you straight down to the Royal Court Theatre which we find very convenient. It’s also a short walk to Illuminations and we go to most of the lectures so also a great position. Slight downside is that accessing the Britannia Club restaurant is not totally straightforward. Easy in good weather, just walk into the pool area then across the deck and down stairway D. But otherwise you have to either go to deck 3 and through the art gallery or walk through the main restaurant. Personally I’d always choose a cabin near a stairway and it doesn’t really matter which one as it evens out over a voyage. But we are going to miss our cabin on deck 12 .........
  8. Ubarrow

    Book Club

    A year or so ago the book club would fill a small room. However, on our journey over to the US in November it was just me and the librarian. I wondered if it was because the book was a little difficult to get through (River of Ink) but wonder now if it’s just because no one knows about it? Surely it can’t be difficult to give it a bit of a plug in the daily bulletin?
  9. Ubarrow

    Book Club

    I found this, but it doesn’t have my crossing - M902 - listed. https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/life-on-board/Ents_book
  10. Ubarrow

    Book Club

    Does anyone know what book is the subject of the Book Club on the Transatlantic 3rd January from New York? Seems like a well kept secret!
  11. We are currently on an extended break in the USA, sailing back home on Jan 3rd. We’ve done this twice before and it is a wonderful feeling to walk up that gangway from Brooklyn straight into a UK top class hotel!
  12. That’s what I thought. If you eat approx mid way between sittings then surely it must be freshly cooked?
  13. Have just heard that we have been upgraded to Britannia Club for our return journey on 3rd January. Although its the same menu we’re assuming that it’s more freshly cooked? As you point out, it doesn’t seem worth spending big bucks on the difference but very happy to try as an upgrade!
  14. Have now received this reply: Please accept our apologies. The amount of $4.37 was debited for "cabin services" - with no further explanation. As you are sure you do not recognise this amount, I have requested a refund directly back to the card with which you paid your on board account. Please note that this may take up to 14 working days.Please be assured of our best intentions at all times.
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