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  1. It's our first LRBC. Can't wait. If I spot that black and pink bubba mug I'll introduce myself!
  2. We're going on a full ship charter for a Blues Cruise so this cruise will be really different. We can wear shorts in the mdr, there is live blues music on all stages between 11:00 am to 2:00 am+ and the last day is pajama day so we don't need to worry about packing our clothes that evening. Yes, I'll be carrying cocktails everywhere. Can't wait!
  3. Hi all. I see that I can order a bottle of liquor to be delivered to my stateroom. Am I allowed to mix a drink and take it out of the stateroom or does it have to be consumed in the room? Also, do you know if they provide glasses with the bottle or do I need to use the stateroom tumbler?
  4. Crew News thanks for sharing the bar menus and wine offerings. Will definitely be making a trip to Total Wine and More before we board our ship in Fort Lauderdale. I don't mind paying the corkage fee to drink wine I know that I like.
  5. Thank you. The website said "added to cart" for both excursions but they didn't show up on my itinerary so I called and they were not booked. I booked them on the phone and now I see them on my itinerary. Thank you so much. I would have been really disappointed if I'd thought I had them booked and they ended up getting sold out!
  6. I think I prebooked 2 shore excursions and added myself to the wait list for another. I didn't receive an email confirming - should I have? I can't find a place on the website to see if they've been booked. Can someone point me to where I can find that info? TIA Karen
  7. Thank you. As you said there is very little information on this port
  8. Trying to figure out if one of the beverage packages would be beneficial to me. Can someone who has recently cruised with Holland America tell me how much a single beer is if ordered at a bar?
  9. On my Android the magnifying glass searches the whole site. Isn't it possible to search within a forum using a tablet?
  10. We've decided to drop our luggage at the port on embarkation day before returning our rental car so we don't have to carry it on the shuttle. We are not trying to board early so boarding should already be taking place. My question is - should one of us stay with the luggage while the other returns the car? Will the Porter's take it immediately and secure it somewhere or does someone need to keep an eye on it? If the advice is to stay with the luggage are there benches or something to sit on? Thanks for your advice. Karen
  11. Thank you for your reply. Is there a way to search just the forum you're on? Every time I've tried a search on this new version of the CC website it returns results from the whole site making it tedious if not impossible to slog through all of the results especially if the search term is fairly generic. No sarcasm here, just hoping you know something I don't. 😊 Karen
  12. I've read advice that says to bring your prescription medication in the prescription bottles they came in. Between my husband and I that would be 12 bottles - rather bulky, especially for a carry on. We usually put our prescription meds in one of those compartmentalized organizers - both when we travel and at home. Looking to hear opinions on bringing the bottles. Thanks! Karen
  13. Thanks to all. It sounds like a compact poncho is the way to go. I'll check my CVS. Karen
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