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  1. I remember once as a kid 40+ years ago having Lobster at home. Since then, never. I’ve had Lobster many times at restaurants, especially s at lobster shacks on the coast in Maine. I think in all my years of cruising I’ve had cruise lobster once. As a New Englander, I guess I’m a snob - cruise lobster ain’t lobster. 

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  2. 19 hours ago, jean87510 said:

    Why would supporting 2nd amendment come into play if you have a receipt and an obvious novelty item

    I’m just saying Canadian customs is very concerned about handguns. If they suspect you might have one, they can single you out for special screening. To avoid hassle, I wouldn’t voluntarily say or bring anything to draw attention to myself. 

  3. This forum has posters who enjoy the smaller ships. But if you look at the general public, they are clearly voting with their wallet for bigger and bigger ships. 

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  4. I find the one you highlighted to be hilarious, but I’ll leave it at that. 

    Having watched way (way!) too many episodes of Canadian border patrol shows, I know it’s legal to bring ammunition into Canada. But they have exceedingly tight handgun laws and seeing ammunition tends to trigger a massive search to be sure there’s no gun nearby. I know this is an obvious novelty product, but you really don’t want to advertise yourself as a huge 2nd amendment supporter when dealing with Canadian customs/immigration. 

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  5. Without extensive lab tests, it’s pretty much impossible to identify the source of “food poisoning” in a single individual. Could have been the hot dogs. Could be something you ate a week ago. Two hours would be an unusually short incubation time - but certainly possible. Heck, it could even be Noro picked up touching a hand rail on ship. 

    No matter the source, it’s extremely unpleasant. Hope you are feeling better. 

  6. Definitely illegal. Carnival Corp CEO Josh Weinstein could even end up in jail for enabling this crime. 

    Hopefully you’ll get your money back in a timely fashion. 

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  7. For both 2023 and 2024 Princess has had very nice fares on some cruises to Alaska for inside cabins sailing solo. Current fares for 2025 are much higher. I’m thinking there’s a chance they will eventually lower them. If they do lower prices, anyone have a guess when they might do so. 

    Note that I’m well aware 2025 is different than 2023 & 2024; that prices may never come down and could even go up; that nobody here can say if and when they will adjust prices, etc. etc. I’m just looking for fun speculation. 

    All answers welcome,


  8. 1 minute ago, Cruise Raider said:

    Here is the definitive answer from the Princess website:

    Hey, no fair. You aren’t allowed to bring actual facts into a thread like this. Don’t you know how the internet works. 

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  9. Large ship pro: You are going on an Alaskan cruise

    Small ship pro: You are going on an Alaskan cruise


    pretty much any cruise you take is likely to be spectacular. Now, if you want you can look at every possible detail and obsess over picking the “perfect” cruise. But even in that case, large vs small isn’t really the distinction. 

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  10. Hundreds of thousands of people go on cruises to Alaska each year that don’t visit the National Park. They typically see amazing scenery and have fantastic experiences. There’s another group who are on cruises that do visit the National park but have lousy weather that day. 

    Me? I’d jump on any cruise to Alaska I could. But I’d never tell somebody else how to live their life. 

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  11. 6 hours ago, DallasGuy75219 said:

    Your friends need a geography lesson... Panama is not in the Caribbean. 

    Passport threads are fun, aren’t they? For the younger and newer cruisers out there, this exact discussion has been going on for decades, with the same arguments on each side. Anyway…


    What would you call the body of water on the northern coast of Panama, if not the Caribbean? 

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  12. 10 hours ago, ldubs said:


    Aw, the mom with the baby stroller. I feel sad for her too.   

    Coulda been worse. She could have left the baby on ship while she went into port. 

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