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  1. Note that most cabin bathrooms have a “lip” that you can trip over if stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night after an evening of drinking. Er, so I’ve heard.
  2. Coulda been worse. She could have left the baby on ship while she went into port.
  3. If you are interested in anti sea sickness drugs, meclizine works great for me.
  4. Other than the time and cost. Which for a family can be pricy if this is there only intended foreign travel. And let’s be realistic, the risk is very low.
  5. Too many people were using this id
  6. Consider it an excursion. A FREE excursion.
  7. Don’t downplay yourself. That was at least four cents worth. Thanks.
  8. Depending upon where else you have stops, weed is legal in Massachusetts and Maine. Fairly easy to find dispensaries with friendly workers. A couple things to keep in mind; you’ll need government Id and American cash to buy. And technically it’s against the law to consume in a public space or at a dispensary. I can’t say about Maine, but you are unlikely to get in any trouble in Massachusetts if you exercise some discretion. .
  9. You can’t leave us hanging like that 🙂 What would you recommend for first timers?
  10. A real cruise back then? Sadly no. Growing up we didn’t have the money for a cruise. But I’d watch the Love Boat and get brochures from a travel agent and dream. I spent so much time looking at deck plans, picking my cabin, thinking of where we would sail and what we would see. Those pretend cruises were wonderful.
  11. Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? (Shaft) Can you dig it? Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? (Shaft) Right on What’s broken on the Sapphire Princess?
  12. And that includes gratuities/service charges/whatever you want to call them. Such a better system.
  13. Great memories. I’m bringing one of these bad boys on my next cruise
  14. I’ve cruised with people who got back after all aboard time but before the ship left. The crew gave them the same “welcome back onboard” they give everybody. Nobody lectured them about being late or anything like that.
  15. I think the culture on board is changing, along with culture on land. Less shuffleboard, more candy crush. But I don’t think starlink had anything to do with it.
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