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  1. I'm looking at a picture of Independence of the Seas. The lifeboats along the side of the ship appear to be like years-gone-by lifeboats: an elongated 'tub' with a rounded cocoon top over it. Not at all like the lifeboat/tenders I have seen/used on other cruise lines, which are more like large launches. Are they lifeboats or are they tenders - or both? Either way, they look like they would bob around quite a bit in the water.
  2. Dead right; the OP stated that they were first-time cruisers. OP: there is no such thing as a dumb question. You made good use of what CC is all about.
  3. If taking a taxi (rather than, say, Uber), consider paying the small amount in cash, to avoid the possibility of your credit card data being skimmed. It's been known in the SE Florida region.
  4. I looked over the dailies of a recent 4-night cruise and found that there was just one public skating session during that time (plus 2 ice shows). No doubt the rink is off limits in poor weather, but one scheduled public skate seems a bit weak. In "Studio B', there seemed little else going on in there, too. Is this typical of RCCL's use of the ice pad? Thanks, Skater.
  5. I'm on Independence of the Seas on May 04 2019 so I've put together a summary of the 4 daily editions of Compass for a RCCL 4-night cruise on the same vessel, in order to give me an idea of what's available while on board. I thought I'd share what I've put together with CC members. The Google Spreadsheet document is here. Hopefully I have set it up so others can access it, too. It is quite lengthy (over 400 rows) but I think it gives both good overall and detailed information of interest to a potential cruiser, on one of RCCL's larger ships. Being only 4 nights, it covers the 5 key types of 'cruise day': departure, regular sea day, port day, last sea day and return. It is sorted by time of day (00:00 to 23:59), for easy reference - including someone on a cruise. Caveat: it is a collection of events on a particular cruise, it is intended to give only ideas of what to expect on a future cruise; please read the notes at the foot of the schedule. Anyone is welcome to take the data and use it. By pasting it into their own spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) the user should be able to sort the data any way they wish, for other useful perspectives.
  6. I would NEVER EVER leave the country of my residency without a valid passport, under any circumstances. Questions like this seem to be in the "chestnut" category on CC and I think they are more about money than rights and duties. Bite the bullet. Pay the fee and get a passport. It's an incredibly powerful document for someone visiting another country, whose rules and regulations we haven't got a hope to learn or understand. Lastly, the need for a passport isn't about where one lives ("I live in xxxxxxx, so I don't need passport, right?"). It's all about where you are going to visit. "Yes but what could possibly go wrong while I'm away.............?"
  7. "WOOF" Is that one of those trendy acronyms? Like, "Wife or other friend"? Anything but WAOF!
  8. Don't be cowed. In the UK, if you want to give a tip, give a tip.
  9. Is the OP looking for permission or forgiveness? Or both? Either way, his/her friends have got him/her well-trained.
  10. ...never been before. Is it essentially an extension of the ship or can (would?) you do your own thing outside the 'compound'? If so, what do you suggest?
  11. I have a pdf file I'd like to publish, complete, into a roll call thread. Can anyone tell me how to do that, please? I've figured out how to include a hotlink to a pdf, but I'd prefer to publish the whole - -readable - document into a thread post. Thanks.
  12. If you're flying in to MIA and sailing from F.L., staying in Miami is also an option. We are. The Sheraton Miami Airport is, well, right next to the airport, at the end of the free rail shuttle. Dump you bags right away. 2 nights there then up to F. L. the morning of embarkation.
  13. Anyone know if they still use UHF (450 ~ 470 MHz) on Celebrity ships' internal communications? Or has it all gone cellular? Presumably, the VHF marine band is still used for external communication? Anything specific to Celebrity Reflection especially appreciated. Tnx.
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