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  1. We walk to most places but I would definitely want a Uber app and Lyft for getting around.
  2. I will never go to Golden theater again , no legroom, but I am over 6 ft tall
  3. I lived there half my life and now visit yearly always stay in midtown area somewhere close to Times Square and Rockefeller center just so much in walking distance, restaurants, broadway shows etc. although will spend some time in wall st area , will visit Freedom tower and museum again this year also some really nice restaurants will most likely do Delmonicos again .
  4. When sailing Caribbean I have no problem just staying on ship for many many ports, have done 50 Caribbean cruises. For Europe which we only did a couple of times I found it tiring , we did so many ten hours plus excursions.
  5. You are really old if Christoffer Columbus was your first Captain
  6. It’s very similar to other pubs on rccl, we did brilliance for Europe a few years ago , they again have a guitar player which we normally really like.
  7. Totally agree we have friends with much larger houses and nicer cars but we are satisfied with ours and like spending our money on suites, done GS 7 times and OS once on rccl , now have done sky and celebrity suites and 4 weeks from our first royal suite on celebrity.
  8. What are options in mini bar? Is liquor included or just beer , water and soda. I was really surprised to get a call from concierge about 3 weeks before cruise since we were in a celebrity suite, I thanked him but said we were fine. I know on rccl normally got call about 5 days before.
  9. We sail in 3 weeks on infinity on our first royal suite. When does concierge call for info, restaurant reservations etc, thanks. We are aware of normal suite perks on infinity.
  10. We let our travel agent do the work to get the status match.
  11. I had a bartender a few years ago on Brilliance that would pour me a huge cognac as soon as he would see me , he was tipped well .
  12. Hard to compare any cruise ship to Oasis, but love ice skating show on all ships that have one , normally a good guitar player in pub and piano player in schooner bar and other bands, we have always liked Voyager class ships. I think there the perfect size.
  13. Yes rccl is same as celebrity you just pay the difference plus tip. And most drinks are totally covered.
  14. Totally agree rccl drink package is a good deal for those like me who have more than a few drinks a day, we always get it, just became diamond plus so we get 30 percent off package. But only one of my many cruises was I able to ask for a double, I agree some bartenders will give you better drinks, on msc I had no problem getting a double Johnny Walker blue. When we sail rccl we have dozens of charges for 2 or 3 dollars since wines we like are just a few dollars above limit.
  15. We have not done ultimate yet , but there is one somewhat negative is the amount of food, we had a suite a few years ago and on that cruise breakfast and lunch in chops ( on sea days) was included, and we also had dinner almost every night is specialty, just a lot of food really do not need large lunch and a large dinner .
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