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  1. Speaking of politics we did a cruise four years ago , 12 day cruise from Barcelona we had a great group from our roll call that did many excursions together, two couples were from Canada including a recently retired Mountie , we were saying there will be lots of people moving to Canada if someone would win, I would have considered it but hate cold weather.
  2. I know we still have them somewhere but they gave everyone a 8 by 10 picture of our table and also we got to keep the menu.
  3. Agree depends on where in Manhattan we have done it a few times , I do prefer Uber , fare was reasonable, if you are in lower Manhattan it’s going to be pretty cheap. I think we paid about 40 from midtown but that was a number of years ago.
  4. Best meal by far we ever had on rccl was about ten years ago , it was our first grand suite , which was in the navigator ( have sailed in grand suites or above every cruise since) and we were invited to captains table for dinner , food , service and wine were all excellent, still waiting to be invited again.
  5. Not today , I had canceled our end of November cruise months ago , hoping it will be safe for our end of February cruise. Hoping CDC will not allow any ships to sail until it’s safe. Luckily we cruised in mid February this year before everything went nuts.
  6. I really do not think food was that great in 2008, but it was in 1988 when I started cruising rccl.
  7. We liked Cats and stayed for entire show , love most of rccl shows, but have no issues walking out of any shows that I don’t care for, normally try to get a seat at end of the row just in case.
  8. We have a rccl booked for 2/28 and a Celebrity booked for April, hoping they sail . Got decent prices on both suites.
  9. The thing about Costal Kitchen is we had previously cruised on suite on Celebrity and there Luminae was just so much better than CK, for both food and service. Signed up for ultimate dinning on our next rccl cruise.
  10. I have eaten in some of the better restaurants in NYC and they are way better than anything in rccl ,I did like 150cp but thought coastal kitchen was on par with a decent chili’s restaurant.
  11. Rccl excels in entertainment, mdr is equal to other large lines, I do find windjammer buffet awful. We normally eat most meals in specialty or possibly suite restaurant. Food was definitely a little better 30 years ago, remember having caviar as a appetizer in mdr.
  12. Have not seen one of those recently, a couple of years ago the sommelier in Celebrity Luminae asked if he could taste the wine which we brought, he used one of those, at least he didn’t charge us the corkage, but many times they didn’t.
  13. Barcelona Naples Venice St Maarten Cozumel Hamilton, Bermuda ST Thomas New York
  14. You will love the suite experience on Celebrity. We do not use the butler much but he /she will offer there service. They can make reservations , concierge can also do that. Luminae and suite lounge are both great .
  15. I am sure that would not be a problem, love the live music that’s there also.
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