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  1. Wife loves shopping in Cozumel we take taxi downtown have a nice lunch and drinks and she shops. Have been here twenty or so times great port.
  2. I done 7 full suites on rccl and basically perfer rccl but suite perfer so much better on celebrity suite lounge is open from early morning to about midnight with free drinks all day , great service, never saw there suite lounge crowded , food in there suite is wat better than CK. And all there ships have a suite restaurant.
  3. I love celebrity perks way better than rccl and hal my two only other full suite cruise lines , celebrity is not normally open for lunch on port days for suite restaurant, but quality of food when open is way better than rccl suite restaurant. I do perfer suites on rccl and entertainment is normally much much better on rccl.
  4. Many many people tip extra we always tip room steward extra the amount extra depends on service .
  5. What year and ship ? Our was about 1989 on ncl seaward had no idea I was playing poker with a bunch of players until one talked about being traded from Boston to Philadelphia, all regular guys who liked to drink.
  6. Brilliance concierge lounge is my favorite perk lounge on rccl , just loved it we did 12 day Europe cruise about 30 months ago , very large lounge with a real bar and outdoor seating , staff was also great . Perfer that to any other concierge or suite lounge we have tried.
  7. Have not seen any on celebrity, on princess one of our favorite football players had the dinning table behind us for 9 day cruise Doug Flutie, meet Walton’s actor Ralph Waite on another cruise , Shirley Jones on another and many hockey players on another.
  8. I have never been impressed with sommeliers on cruise ships or wine inventory on ships , we are used to extremely large wine listing at the better restaurants in our area.
  9. We really like rccl voyager class which includes mariner , great ice skating show and entertainment in general, also like the pools.
  10. We like decent wine and what is given in suite lounge without drink package is pretty bad , we normally order wine a couple of dollars above drink package.
  11. If that is true Diamond plus should not be allowed in concierge lounge also since they can use diamond, I was annoyed on my true suite concierge asked us to use diamond lounge since lounge was full . No big deal just buy a drink package and drink in any bar like we do even in suites .
  12. There were lots and lots of pinnacles in suite lounge on our Oasis cruise six months ago on our other two times in suite lounge on liberty very few. But I agree they deserve to be in diamond, concierge or suite lounge due to number of days they sailed rccl, many were also in suites some also had drink package. I almost always enjoy our conversation with pinnacles. There is only one I try to avoid and have seen on a few cruises.
  13. I would book the mini suite if picking princess it’s a nice cabin , no real perks, we are also booked on msc yacht club but we are sailing at end of the year perks seem great similar to celebrity suites but at a much cheaper price
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