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  1. We also love to travel and take a couple of cruises plus flying to nyc and other places to see friends and family, this will sooner or later go away , but most likely later. We are not interested in car trips , luckily we live in a big city and can go to nice restaurants with live music a couple of days a week. We are also lucky that we have a pool in our backyard that we can use 6 months out of the year. But really hard to stay positive.
  2. While I really like 95 percent of the many plays , I was not crazy over Rent but wife loved it , it was just off Broadway. Agree on Come From Away which I would love to see again . We also enjoyed Cats on both Broadway and on Oasis of the seas. One of my favorite all time shows is Hair which I have seen many times on and off broadway and in Dallas. My brother directed hair in queens 40 years ago and one of the people who wrote the play came to the show and talked to us about it , me and one of my friends put up the money to do the show.
  3. There are many mondavi wines a couple under 10 dollars which will be listed as California and Napa wine will have Napa on the label. The Mondavi wine they had was one you could buy for ten. Can be confusing since many wine companies have several Cabernets , I really perfer Napa or Alexander valley .
  4. There are lots of idiots out there a 30 year man in Dallas area attended a COVID-19 party thinking the disease is not real and then died from it. State governor just recently made mask wearing mandatory in stores and has now closed down bars a few weeks after restarting them. I will not fly or cruise until things get back to near normal.
  5. My oldest souvenir is a bottle opener from Rotterdam from the 1970’s shows picture of the ship, have dozens of key cards, and a few Christmas ornaments from the different ships and many more from Caribbean islands and Europe, mostly Italy.
  6. They would lose a lot of money, always enjoyed stopping there cool bars and love Hemingway’s house.
  7. We had a music charter scheduled for February 2021 with lots of big name musicians from 1970’s on celebrity, cruise got postponed to 2022. I sure we will book something in 2021 normally cruise twice a year.
  8. Some of the all inclusive do have casinos we did hard rock in Puerto Plato which had a huge casino, huge resort, but food was better in Sandals, but did win several hundred on last day there.
  9. I prefer voyager class and larger because of entertainment including the ice show, we loved the size of Brilliance for Europe cruise.
  10. We love upscale all inclusive like sandals, better food than mdr, they include upscale drinks , no tipping.
  11. Celebrity does for there top suites I believe rccl has it also for there top suites. Didn’t use it on our cruise.
  12. Agree even with premium plus wine selection wasn’t good, except for the champagne, no really great Cabernet, they did have one that was nice. One waiter in steak restaurant tried to tell us the Mondavi was a Napa wine .
  13. We can use our backyard pool 6 months out of the year , even though pool water isn’t to refreshing on 100 degrees days, luckily can watch movies on our large screen tv. But I think we will cancel our Florida cruise in November, almost doubt that cruise will sail and really do not want to fly using a mask. Really glad we did a great music charter on infinity in February before everything went crazy. We had same music charter book for next February also but that has been postponed to 2022. Both were in our first great royal suite. Unfortunately not sure when our next cruise or our other favorite vacation which is a trip to New York City will be.
  14. George C

    Straw Poll

    We did YC on seaside in November and loved it , with everything going on today would definitely do the YC. Nothing was crowded plenty of space in lounge and pool area , also entertainment was excellent. Drink package and internet also included.
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