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  1. Would be nice to have a extra half bath, celebrity has a royal suite on older ships just one bathroom newer ships have two.
  2. Dislike Nassau but would do western for your beach in ladabee and coco cay
  3. I would pick rccl for two reasons, one a longer cruise and other is entertainment, rccl has far superior entertainment in general. However if I was booking a suite I would do celebrity which has much nicer perks , suite restaurant and lounge also new retreat area for suites only.
  4. Not aware of anything like “blue light” here. On msc my matching status gives me a 5 percent discount but I cannot use that plus my ten percent off for being a veteran. Sounds like you have a good deal 😀, does seem more stores etc are now giving veterans discounts here.
  5. I read on these celebrity threads how well dressed people were and how they enforced dress standards then I say this person in cutoff shorts and a baseball cap on backwards enter mdr earlier this year on infinity. In general passengers do dress much nicer than rccl my normal cruise line .
  6. Celebrity has best suite perks , would only cruise celebrity in a suite. Have not done a suite yet that has a retreat sundeck, which seems like another huge perk.
  7. I would get a new travel agent. I thought I had completed mine but travel agent sent me a email telling me what I missed .
  8. We did Delmonicos last year great dinner, we skipped it this year but will return next year.also grew up in nyc , so many great restaurants, some very reasonably priced.
  9. We did this earlier this year on celebrity infinity, super easy , we were told to pack what was in drawers but leave anything hanging in closet. We were also on same deck and luckily had same room steward .
  10. We always tip extra will go to bank this week and get about a hundred in singles and another hundred in fives for drinks and waiters , if we will have the same waiter then we will tip at end of the cruise, will tip extra also for room steward and butler and possibly concierge.
  11. Thanks for the great review, we will upgrade our drink package when we sail in 12 days.
  12. Sent email to travel agent to bid 800 per if offer comes, balcony is about 4 times the size, we are used to bigger suites even though it’s only the two of us.
  13. As already said all buffets are not created equally, really dislike rccl buffet which is line we normally cruise on, celebrity is much nicer , don’t mind breakfast, maybe lunch never for dinner.
  14. We sail in 12 days I hope we get a invite to upgrade
  15. Since we are lucky enough to sail in suites Luminae is always great, celebrity buffet is really good also , normally will grab a slice of pizza .
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