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  1. Money was not a issue , two things timing since we were leaving in two days and had no time to print luggage tags and boarding pass, also wanted to try celebrity suite and we are doing back to back so now just will move from 6104 to 6102 for our music charter . Would love to try royal suite for all perks you just listed, most likely will book another cruise while on board .
  2. Agree but our celebrity suite came with 4 perks including premium drink package
  3. There is dozens of restaurants mostly Irish pubs but others also about a block from Francis tavern , street is blocked off from traffic and picnic tables are in middle of street with restaurants on both sides of the street.
  4. I would have to agree , took over a hour to get bag last year even with first class who’s bags come out first, also had a long taxi line. We had. Reservations a couple of years ago at Becco and thought we had plenty of time and had to call to get a later time and we were in Times Square area. If you land early you might be able to make it.
  5. We kept passport in safe and carried a copy, money belt is a good idea , but keep some cash and a credit card in pocket.
  6. We always get drink package but on our cruise next week they want 69 dollars a day which is highway robbery, I typically pay under 50 . I am in a suite so we will just drink in micheals.
  7. Had a call yesterday from celebrity offering to upgrade us from a celebrity suite to a royal suite for just 300 total, ship leaves in two days so I turned it down. 4 day cruise on infinity
  8. Is there a area in coco cay with reserve beach chairs for suite quests , any other suite perks there? Thanks will be there next week
  9. Her first name is Nadja , she was great she was on navigator on our abc island cruise, one of the best we have ever had.
  10. Apdmom appears your son has really grown several inches since we cruised on navigator couple of years ago.
  11. 3 days to infinity , could have upgraded to royal suite for a few hundred but will stay with celebrity suite
  12. For a place to stay in Jamaica we really like sandals resorts
  13. When we cruised hal about 7 years ago they let you bring on all the wine you wanted then charged a corkage fee of about 18 , we brought on at least a case of good wine on all those cruises.
  14. Hal’s wine list has always been extremly high .
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