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  1. Well Life sure adds twist and turns. DH has been sick for the last 3 days. We fly tomorrow and sail Monday. He has the Flu! Nothing more but I am sorry but men don't do sick! I hate leaving him home but it may come to that. I was willing to cruise solo to begin with and now it may be just that! 😕😢
  2. What! I never had to get a ticket for YTD! Is this new? We just went to the dining room when we were hungry and it only took 5 minutes to be seated. Please will someone clarify as my hubby doesn't like anything different.
  3. Please, if anyone here has been on the Carnival Victory doing Key West Cozumel itinerary can you please copy the fun-times and post here. I leave in less than 2 weeks and DH is not into a lot of events but I am. I would like to set my cruise days with all the best things to do. Also I want to do the Cruise for ST Judes and would love to know when that is.
  4. We will be sailing on Feb 10th looking forward to the ship and the itinerary. Thank you for your review.
  5. Good Morning everyone. I will be sailing on the Victory on February 10 and I am getting excited of course. I am looking for anyone who has recent pictures of the Funtimes for this ship. The itinerary is Key West, Cozumel and Sea Day. Any help would be appreciated. Also if you know do they do the St Judes Bears on this ship. I have sailed longer cruises that have it but not been on a shorter cruise for a while.
  6. Hope you have a wonderful time🤩
  7. Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. Yesterday my DH came to me and asked if it was possible to include him on the cruise! Oh my I was glad to hear this and was on the phone with CCL and Had him in the cabin before he could change his mind. We are both going! I am still considering a solo cruise but now will be watching to see if there is ever ever a discount for solos on CCl in the future.
  8. To begin I am married. My husband has decided he doesn't wish to cruise anymore. I am taking my first solo cruise and paying for it for sure! But we are getting older and I want to know that it is something I can do. Any suggestions for cruising alone? I am in my 60's so I just want kind words here. I have traveled alone on and off for years to visit friends in UK so I navigate well, lol. Just looking for a few suggestions.
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