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  1. Well is everyone still with us. Darlene and I are vaccinated but still restricting our outside activities. We did have a Mother's day dinner with her 2 sons and 2 grand sons all vaccinated with no masks inside a restaurant. Hopefully you have all gotten vaccinated or will have done so before your next cruise. I doubt we will try to cruise this year although I really would like to. Still seems risky. Have a great next cruise.
  2. Thanks for all the advice and help. I will be working with our new travel agent went flights begin to be available.
  3. Thinking about not taking Regent's flights but having our travel agent arrange our air transportation. What do most of you regular Regent cruisers do? Thanks and have a great next cruise.
  4. I have been looking at the ships Ponant has and I really like their size and the fact that most of them are new and were built for them. Don't know if I can convince my wife to try this line but I think I am going to try. Have a great next cruise.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I will look into them a little closer as we are going to be cruising on smaller ships for the immediate future.
  6. My wife and I like the sizes of the Pontant fleet and the line gets good reviews for its food and service. But we are both American English speakers and neither of us speaks or understands French. Would we be comfortable on a Pontant cruise? Thanks
  7. Thanks to everyone for your answers. They were very educating and made me realize we are not the only ones feeling a smaller number of passengers might be safer. For the person considering Seabourn we did 2 cruises on them several years ago and loved both of them. One was on the Odyssey, which they still have, and one on the Pride which is now with Windstar. Great food and service and loved not having to give someone my card every time we wanted a drink. Have a great next cruise.
  8. We have been on 6 Celebrity cruises 2015-2019 booking their suite class staterooms and have mostly enjoyed the cruises. we especially enjoyed the separate suite dining room and Michele's club. On the Eclipse, Solstice and Equinox we have had noise problems from the fact some idiot at celebrity put their suite class cabins right below the Lido deck and all the activity and noise that is generated up there. Hopefully they will go back and try to put better soundproofing in the roof of those cabins while the ships are in a timeout. Anyway we have decided to begin cruising again in 2022 but want to do it on smaller ships. So we have booked a cruise on Regent Seven Seas for July 30, 2022, Iceland to Copenhagen. It carries 700 passengers instead of the 2850 the Celebrity ships we have sailed on recently and we feel a smaller passenger load hopefully will help protect us from Corvid19. We are in our 70's and have been vaccinated and by then may have had a vaccine booster shot. Anyway interested in anyone has sailed suite class on Celebrity and also on Regent and if so what was your opinion? Obviously the cost is higher but actually not that much more when you consider they include business class round trip airfare in their price. Have a great next cruise.
  9. Thanks for the hotel and tour recommendations. We are really looking forward to this cruise. Have a great next cruise.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I called yesterday and left the information with the Regent agent I talked with who said she would make the change but I haven't seen anything from Regent or my TA yet. Have a great next cruise.
  11. We did book Regent Voyager for a 12 day cruise Reykjavik to Copenhagen in July 2022. I originally booked directly with Regent and will be switching the booking over to a TA today because the TA is offering a bonus for switching to them as well as promising better service. Has anyone else done the switch and how did it work out?
  12. Submitted my referral to Regent about 5 or 6 days ago and no response from them yet. I guess they operate on Island Time. Still excited about the cruise. Have been researching hotels and tours in Reykjavik and Copenhagen where we will staying for a few days before and after the cruise. We may decide to book our own airfare and save some money. Especially since we have to fly to Reykjavik and could use Iceland Air which seems to have some very affordable flights. Have a great next cruise.
  13. Just booked our first cruise since September 2019 (before Corvid19 (BC)) for July 30, 2022 from Reykjavik to Copenhagen. We normally take a minimum of 2 and sometimes 3 cruises a year but 2020 was a lost year and when you are in your 70's you hate to lose a year. Hopefully with the vaccines 2021 and 2022 will be better years. My wife has already had her 2 shots and I'm scheduled for my second shot March 18. Have a great next cruise.
  14. We will be in Copenhagen after a Regent cruise from Reykjavik in August 2022. We are looking at staying a few days after to see the city and maybe some of the countryside. I will be going back and checking the earlier posts in this threads to see if there is recommendations for hotels, restaurants and tours. But by posting here now I will be able to follow this thread in the future. Have a great next cruise.
  15. We have stayed in a couple of different hotels in Amsterdam but the Hilton Amsterdam was very nice and on Sunday's only have some of the best mussels either of us have ever eaten. It is a little ways from the center of town but not too far out to still see everything further in by foot.
  16. Thanks for the recommendations both the hotel and taking the credit. We will definitely want to stay for a few days both in Reykjavik and in Copenhagen. We always try to do this before or after or both if the ports are interesting places. I had posted on the referral thread and 2 people answered me but I have not replied to them yet so I will probably go ahead and drop you an email. Thanks again and have a great next cruise.
  17. We booked our first cruise with Regent with a Regent agent a couple of days ago. It is for July 2022. I don't quite understand the way this works but if someone wants to "sponsor" me and can do so after I am booked please send info to warrenm_us (at) yahoo (dot) com. Even on an all-inclusive cruise credit can always come in handy. Thanks
  18. I've started my planning with where we will be staying Reykjavik and Copenhagen. We get one free night before the cruise and have a lot of travel points with a credit card so I was trying to find which hotels Regent uses (not hard) and then match that up with hotels that the credit lets me use the points on. I am hoping that Regent will work with me on this and if they don't I will use the points after the cruise for a stay in Copenhagen. Get vaccinated and have a great next cruise.
  19. Not specifically to Regent but try to get a cabin on a deck with cabins above and below you. We just booked our first Regent cruise on Voyager and picked deck 9 because 10 had the pool deck above it. We have been on Celebrity suite class ships where almost all the suites are on the deck right below the pool deck and had many noise problems. And we also booked concierge and it did include early reservations for both dining rooms and shore excursions.
  20. Hi Deerenan, Please go out and add your name to the roll call for the cruise. I started one and you would be the second one. Sounds like a great anniversary present.
  21. Thanks for the replies. My wife thinks I'm a little crazy starting to look into things but our last cruise or trip anywhere was a cruise to Hawaii from Vancouver and back in Sept 2019. We normally cruise at least twice a year and it is now over a year of social isolation and I need to have something to look forward to.
  22. Thanks for the replies. I ended up booking and I did get the 7.5% deposit.
  23. HI, Well we have booked our first Regent cruise on the Voyager 12 days from Reykjavik to Copenhagen. It is a long time away but we are excited and will be asking lots of questions of Regent veterans. I have over 40 cruises on a variety of lines beginning in 1997 and my wife and I have over 20 since we got together in 2012. You can see all the cruise lines in my signature if interested but we have only done one high end cruise line, Seabourn twice. The last few years we have been sailing suite class on Celebrity which has a separate and much better dining room and Michael's club to relax in. But with the Pandemic we made a decision to begin only sailing on smaller ships and since all the main line cruise lines have gotten rid of those type of ships during the shutdown in meant looking into Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas, Azamara, Crystal, Silverseas, or Windstar which all are still sailing ships mainly carrying less than 1000 passengers. I'll throw my first question out to end this post. Does anyone know what hotels that Regent uses in Reykjavik, Iceland for the night before the cruise we are getting? We will probably extend our stay for more than 1 night but I want to start checking into hotels first. We will also be staying over in Copenhagen for a few days after the cruise and if anyone has a recommendation for a good hotel they have stayed in there please let me know about it. Well this is long enough for now. Talk at you all later and have a great next cruise whenever that is going to be. Get vaccinated when you can, stay in if you can, wear a mask if you have to go out, stay well and stay safe.
  24. I'm sure it depends on the cost and length of the cruise but can anyone comment on if they were higher or about the same as other cruise lines? Thanks
  25. Thanks for the replies. I think I figured out the air included or not. VTG is advertising prices $3000 less per person but that is without air. Regent site is $3000 higher but includes business class air Until a couple of years ago I always flew regular commercial but then I happened to get a great deal on business class on RCL's cruise air from Venice to St Louis and it spoiled us. Makes the cruises cost a lot more but for long flights it is worth it. We are also looking at the shorter 12 day version of this cruise that leaves from Iceland and ends in Copenhagen, We have been to St Petersburg before for 3 days on the Seabourn Pride where we got to dock on the English embankment instead of out at the cruise ship port which saved 45 minutes to an hour travel time back and forth. I'm not sure how small a ship has to be to dock down there.
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