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  1. We are sailing with you and are not overly concerned. We are taking hand sanitizer, Lisol wipes, etc., and are planning to wash, wash, wash our hands. We will also avoid (usually do anyway) the Windjammer as well as the elevators.
  2. 24 cruises the first year we retired......and..... 24 cruises the next year.........it was fun, fun, fun.....most were linked as B2Bs or longer.
  3. Andrew... Thank you for this enjoyable tread. It was great entertainment as we waited for Dorian to pass by Virginia and turn our yard into something that looked like a huge salad exploded (including a downed pine tree). We look forward to you next adventure.
  4. On the Pinnacle Thread on another social media site, someone posted that each Pinnacle contribute a $1 for each cruise that they have taken. Many will donate much more because of their love for the people of the islands that has developed from numerous visits. ...a good beginning... it takes a lot of drops to eventually fill a bucket, but it can be filled.
  5. Nice. Thank you. Looking forward to following on CC AND blog. 😀
  6. I like your review. Please educate me on how to see your photos. Thanks
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you... ...for this wonderful review. You have produced a gem and I will be a "twangster" fan from now on. Thank you for your helping us. But more than anything, thank you for increasing our excitement about our future cruise on the Empress. We will be sailing with two of our dear friends who have been on the Empress' Cuba route several times and love this small vessel. We wish for you many more excellent cruises.
  8. Thank you for you honest and open comments. We are currently booked into 9600 for both legs of our B2B. The 21-day voyage only has 3 sea days therefore most guests will be off the ship, including us. The other 3 days will find us on deck...maybe even making noise with the chairs....and one of this couple does have “ants in their pants”. If we were to change cabins it would be to one parallel to the pool deck bar with the “thump, thump, thump” during deck parties which would include us. Thanks again. I am looking forward to you next review. Maybe our paths will cross at sea someday...we are on at least 6 Royal ships a year.
  9. I have truly enjoyed both of your reviews, especially the photos and your insights. A question for you: would you book JS 9600 again? Thanks
  10. We were on the Anthem last week....we agree, the internet was terrible our cabin.
  11. We will probably purchase the Deluxe Drink Package....40% discount per per person makes it tempting. 😁 Speciality coffee is included.
  12. Interesting...thanks. I really do appreciate your input. We just got off an Anthem 9-day cruise in 13188...a cabin below the Solarium. We had very little noise. If you decide that 9600 is NOT a cabin that you would book again, please let me know. OR if you come across an area that you think would be better for a cabin below, please let me know. We have had a difficult time deciding on which JS to spend 21 days; a struggle we have never had before. And seriously, YOUR reviews are the reason I decided to agree to do 21 days on the Empress. My spouse is very appreciative of the role you played in this decision.
  13. We have booked the cabin you are currently in (9600) for a 21-day Back2Back. Thank you for your reviews, photos, and information.
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