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  1. Yeah and a BA is midship middle decks. But my upgrade is mid forward deck 10 so it is all good.
  2. Got my "1st assignment".. B2 mid forward Caribe deck balcony. Happy if that's where I end up. Forgot about the Premium Balconies when I thought I did the highest level balcony GTY. But considering we started with a free Oceanview and upgraded to the BA GTY fot $150 I am pretty pleased
  3. Booked a BA GTY on the Crown. Figure I can't go wrong with that. Hoping for a Mini which are currently listed as sold out.
  4. Hate the Royal but love the Regal. It's not so much the ship obviously but it's staff. Royal has issues from the top down.
  5. When you go to Anytime Dining, anytime you are ready to dine just let the hostess know you would like to "share". They will then seat you with other diners. And who you sit with every night will change.
  6. I tried using the locate option to find my sister. It sent me to a laundry room. She says she was never there...
  7. I logged in to my account for Allstate and they are no longer available there either 😞
  8. I have tried a dozen times. Will keep at it.
  9. Calling 800-774-6237 getting this is a non-working phone number message.
  10. We have done this many times. Very sorry to hear it will no longer be available.
  11. I have not been very excited about this cruise as the last few months have been rough. This will be my first ever cruise without my mom. Feel like I came out of a fog this morning to realize I am going in vacation tomorrow. Reading this thread has me excited now. Thanks all.
  12. I purchased a walker/transport chair for my mom. (Google Drive Transport walker). It can quickly be changed from a walker to transport wheel chair. Seat foot rests and all.
  13. I am 29 days out. I have completed all the steps under Essentials but when I hit the medallion button it say it can't retrieve my information. I called and was told I had to wait until 20 days out. My sister (same cruise different cabin) just finished hers and did not get any errors hitting the medallion button. So I think I was given bad information.
  14. My first ever cruise was on the Caribbean Princess in 2005. Was hooked from day one. Became elite last June. My parents loved cruising and started with Sitmar. Lost my mom on New year's day. Booked the May 4 day on Caribbean Princess to see if I can enjoy a cruise without her.
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