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  1. Does NCL offer a secret menu or items not on the menu similar to RCCL where it's possible to get Indian food?
  2. Any difference between the various MDRs aside from décor?
  3. Any deals on excursions , specialty dining for existing cruises?
  4. Any recommendations for people who have Disney as a port stop if its recommended to go with the ship's transfer or Uber/Lyft to maximize time at the Parks?
  5. How much time should I allocate to getting to and from the ship? 1.5 hours or 2?
  6. For a port stop. Thinking of going to the new Hollwood Studios - Star Wars. Trying to maximize time there given will only in port for 1pm-9pm.
  7. Are there any good group shared shuttle services (ie small van) to Disney that people would recommend?
  8. Are there any good group shared shuttle services (ie small van) to Disney that people would recommend?
  9. FYI I just saw pickle and ketchup chips at the local Target here in New York City.
  10. I live in NYC so have had the fortunate opportunity to dine at many Michelin starred restaurants. While obviously the MDR is not comparable, when people compare the quality to below Applebees, Red Lobster, etc that is a far stretch. The food on my recent cruises on the Symphony and Adventure was pretty good and I would compare it favorably to what is served on land at similar price point.
  11. Is OTC Medication much cheaper? I've seen it for sale at some of the Caribbean ports, right next to souvenirs.
  12. In terms of discounts, what items are really good bargains compared to back in the States ?
  13. Was on the Adventure of the Seas a few weeks ago. Generally only when you're in the port area do you get service. When at Sea, I had no coverage.
  14. The waiters told me when you request Indian, that is different from the Indian they serve in the crew mess. Supposedly less spicy.
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