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  1. No No worries, I did get your message. Have been slowly communicating with Marc. Hope it will work out for our visit. Really appreciate all your help! Eileen
  2. Thank you for your wonderful advice. Would you happen to know of any private tour operators that might be available on Oct 2? We usually do private tours if we don’t think we can sightsee on our own. Since we don’t speak Spanish, I feel we will be at a disadvantage here.
  3. Thank you so much for your guidance. We wondered it when we dock we might be able to find an English speaking cab driver to give us a tour of old city, modern Panama city,etc. as we have done in other ports. We do not want a canal visit just city touring. Can't seem to find a private guide who is available and the ships tours are very expensive.
  4. My husband really wants to see the city and not the Canal area as this is our 2nd Panama Canal Cruise. Is the old City adjacent to Panama City? Any private tour suggestions? Are taxi's available where we enter the Port to the city?
  5. We would like to know if it is possible to take a cab from Amador dock to Panama City to get the hop on hop off bus tour? An alternative would be a private tour to Panama City from Amador. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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