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  1. If wind is going to be an issue, we'll just sit on our balcony. Mom wants to be able to wave on the Port Everglades webcam to all the other oldsters from her apartment complex .
  2. Ok, I see it now. For me, a steak is T-bone or Porterhouse. Takes 2 fillets to make a meal.
  3. How many stairs to get to the helipad? Any elevator access? Would love to be on the helipad for sail away, but Mom is in a wheelchair.
  4. That is welcome news. When we were on Liberty, Cafe Promenade was rather disappointing.
  5. I can't remember if it was on this forum, or a different one, but someone posted about a glitch in the RCCL WiFi system that allows iPhones to text each other, without purchasing the WiFi package. I didn't write down the directions for the phone settings, so I am hoping someone can help me out. Thank You
  6. Reading this thread made me wanting some good humor, so the wife and I just spent 2 hours watching pier runner videos. Much better than anything on TV.
  7. The guy who missed on my Skyward cruise took full responsibility. Was hanging out in one of the local clubs and simply lost track of time.
  8. My first ever cruise was also on the Skyward! But in 1984. We had a guy miss the ship in Cancun. Lucky for him the next stop was in Cozumel, so he was able to get a ride to Playa Del Carmen and then take the ferry to rejoin the ship. By the end of the day, I swear every other passenger on board knew who Roger was and that he missed the ship in Cancun. The Cruise Director razzed him pretty good, and when they announced we could get off in Key West, and what time to be back on board, the last thing they said was "Roger, are you listening?" Before leaving Key West, "Has anyone seen Roger?" Roger had a great sense of humor and took it all in stride.
  9. You have been a part of the system that you know personally how the tips are allocated? Which ship did you work on? Perhaps we once met on board.
  10. That'll learn um! This is the reason why we always back our Bat Ropes when going ashore. Just throw it up, hook a balcony rail, and pull yourself aboard!
  11. We will be boarding on the 24th after you disembark. Could you please tidy things up a little before leaving? I really don't like boarding a dirty ship.
  12. Did that 3 years ago, when my daughter was studying abroad in Barcelona. Stayed in an apartment 1/2 block from Las Ramblas, and spent 3 days touring the city. Then took a 7 night Med cruise on Norwegian Epic. That is why I am jealous. Wish I was there again!
  13. They do. They also have "Port Shopping Talk" on an almost continuous loop on one of the tv channels. On my first ever Skyward cruise, I fell into the Port Shopping trap, and from what I have seen, nothing has changed since then. They still have their "Ship Approved" (AKA Kickback) stores that you must shop at, or risk total financial ruin.
  14. I wish the OP cared as much about punctuation as they do the Cruise Director.
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