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  1. I would advise you to read the fine print terms and conditions on Allstate's reward site. There are many hoops to jump through and make them much more of a hassle redeeming these certificates compared to the gift cards for Carnival or Princess that can be utilized to cover all of your expenditures.
  2. Jiji's and Cucina @ 15.00 is a much better value, IMHO than the 38.00 for the Steakhouse. You could do a night in each and still have money left over. Would recommend the tomahawk pork chop at Cucina.
  3. Their other brand Princess also has a promo called Best Sale Ever that includes gratuities, internet and their drinks package for about 300 over the bare bones rate for a 7 day cruise.
  4. It's 60 days. And make sure you get some worthwhile perks. If you book the cheapest inside cabin during the cheaper times of the year to cruise, then you'll get 50 in OBC at a minimum. The more you spend, the more you get back.
  5. No, sorry. Jiji's Asian Kitchen is HZJIJI@carnival.com 35 pp for Teppanyaki is comparable to home, so not a value to us.
  6. Regarding the Horizon, if all 3 dinner seatings are sold out, inquire about Sea Day lunch. They had this on our Horizon sailing last August.
  7. Buy one get one for specialty dining or equivalent BOGO for Seafood Shack or BBQ.
  8. They had Rockstar, but it may have changed with the switch from Coke to Pepsi products. A quick search revealed that Rockstar used to be distributed by Coke, but since 2009 was distributed by Pepsi.
  9. Need some help from anyone that has purchased and redeemed the Princess Cards. Do they work exactly like the Carnival ones? What denominations do they come in? Am thinking about moving our Mardi Gras cruise for next January to August of 2021 and checking out the brand new Enchanted Princess next January. With their "Best Sale Ever" which includes drinks package, grats and wifi for only 280.00 pp extra, it's a great deal.
  10. It's on HA.....that proves it's a game for the blue haired set.
  11. Since Cabo Bob is on long term vacation the majority of codes that will be mentioned on this thread will only be the general email ones that we get. So, how about being a double agent and post those codes that never end up here that your 10,000 FB group members get?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. Will do it since it's something totally unique compared to every other ship currently afloat.
  13. The prices I listed were total for the two of us, so the savings were near 600, not 1200. I could also save another 122 in total if I switched to a nonrefundable deposit, which I found doing online price quotes from 2 different agencies.
  14. Was comparing identical 5 day sailings in January 0f 2022 on the Apex and the Infinity. An inside cabin with 3 perks (300 OBC, Classic drinks, Grats) and refundable deposits would be 1915 for two out the door on the Apex and only 1327 on the Infinity. Will see how the pot can possibly be sweetened when onboard the Edge next week. In the meantime, what are your opinions comparing the newest that Celebrity will have to offer versus the Infinity which will be refurbished in November of this year. Thanks
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