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  1. Besides Celebrity, I have had drink packages as a perk on NCL and MSC and paid for on Royal and Carnival. I have never paid an individual drink gratuity. It was either already included or a certain percentage (15, 18 or 20%) paid upfront on the entire package, not a per drink basis.
  2. I guess I'm a member of your pack as well. Now, if I can only find copies of current bar menus from the Edge besides the ones from Eden.
  3. You never ruined anything for me. I live in a real world that consists of positives and negatives regarding any given topic. I hope you enjoy the upcoming Tom Hanks film about Mr. Roger's. It seems like it's always a wonderful day in your neighborhood.
  4. It's only static to those that enjoy the area. It's obvious that you do since you decided to invest in a timeshare in the area. Hope those annual perpetual maintenance fees are somewhat reasonable for you. One can not live on a diet of being positive all of the time, there is an opposite view on every given topic that is needed to balance things out. There is a reason that a high majority of cruisers stay on board when Nassau is the port of call that day.
  5. There are people that have enjoyed visiting Nassau and what they have to offer and on the other hand, there are a plethora of cruisers that like to just stay on the ship and enjoy the ship's amenities while those newbies or those that like Nassau disembark. There is a reason that Nassau is probably only ranked higher than Freeport on the list of all of the Caribbean and Bahamas area ports to visit.
  6. There is usually someone on the boards who has a stick up their butt and they could say something on here, not at the Martini Bar, but you never know.
  7. So...the easy solution is you order two full size of variety A & B, while your SO orders two full size of variety C & D, you each drink half of each one and you have made your own flight. And if people complain about sharing, then each of you just orders 4 full size versions of each one and waste whatever ones you don't like.
  8. Here is a link to my Seaside YC experience from January of 2018 when the Seaside was just starting out. I have heard that she is becoming slightly more Americanized, which of course can be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.
  9. Besides the solo cabins on the Breakaway and Breakaway Plus ships on NCL, there are solo cabins available on the newer builds on both RCI and Celebrity, including balconies as well.
  10. Yes....but only if you purchase with 10% discounted Carnival gift cards through AARP or Allstate, which there are multiple threads on CC to explain details.
  11. You had 18-20 drinks between the two of you over 5 days, that's about 1/3 of the way to breaking even with Cheers. When you only consume about 1.8 drinks per person per day, Cheers is not for you.
  12. The ships in the Fantasy Class that have long been in my rearview mirror.
  13. I would also recommend the Yacht Club on MSC. The Seaside and the Meraviglia would be your better choices. Your options are suite, balcony or inside. The ship within a ship concept is very nice and substantially cheaper than the Haven on the newer NCL builds. With it's own dedicated restaurant, bar and lounge, the only reason to leave the Yacht Club area is to visit the casino or see the shows post dinner. Best of luck with your decision.
  14. My 10 inch Fire Tablet fit in the safe.
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