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  1. Carl.....Carnival gave those people that had a cancelled cruise two options....either get a full refund, or get a FCC and 300 or 600 in OBC for a future cruise booking. They DID NOT get a full refund and the OBC
  2. If Carnival gave everybody on a cancelled cruise since the pandemic began a 100% refund and 600 or 300 in OBC to boot, they would be bankrupt. It was one or the other
  3. The simple solution would have been for Carnival to give everyone a 125% FCC on a future booking instead of 300 or 600 in OBC. All of their competitors, including some Carnival Corp lines are doing it that way and thus there is no loophole involved.
  4. You know that CC is the best place to do your cruise line comparison when it comes time to pick which line you'll redeem your voucher on. The Bahamas Celebration line that you were on was actually the Carnival Celebration ship from way back in the day. The new Celebration will be the second ship in the Excellence Class and will be a homage in name only to the original Celebration, just like the Mardi Gras will be.
  5. I was in the higher end with my guesstimate. The 40% is more than likely on the shorter length cruises out of secondary ports which would probably have a higher portion of drive to guests. Since I only cruise on 7+ night cruises out of larger ports, my guesstimate could be about right, but as you said, it varies of course depending upon ship, time of year, etc.
  6. Could not agree more. The line is drawn in the proverbial sand. You either get vaccinated or you don't. If you do, you're able to cruise on NCL and have a great vacation. If you don't, then you'll have to choose another line that doesn't require vaccinations or go to an all inclusive. 99% of people have already made up their mind which side of the line they are standing on, so 500+ posts on the topic are not going to sway too many people from crossing the line to the other side. Happy cruising. ⚓
  7. First of all, you're mistaken. The TA mentions booking an Excel Suite gives you access to Loft 19, not a Havana. But the TA does not mention that the Havana Cabana balcony rooms are really lanai rooms that have a walkway between the end of your lanai and the railing of the ship, not like a typical balcony. These lanai rooms have been out for years on the 3 Vista Class ships, so she should have known about them.
  8. The Celebrity Edge had the same program on our last cruise in January of 2020
  9. I have a regular DL and a passport. It will get me anywhere I need to go in the world. Don't care about Real ID or enhanced licenses
  10. Carnival was more concerned about their Loft 19 area for the suite guests and the Havana area was an afterthought.
  11. I agree, my regular DL can get me to FLA to get on a cruise with no problem. Don't need an enhanced one, but if you do, enjoy.
  12. Simple for me, cost. If the enhanced DL, which I have never heard of is ever required for domestic travel, I will just us my passport. Why pay for something extra that you can use your passport for?
  13. The positivity factor comes in since I think the Mardi Gras might be the first 7 day cruise they start with, after having 4/5 day cruises hopefully starting after Labor Day. Cruises out of the smaller embarkation ports might not happen till 2022.
  14. The towels are a different color in the Havana area, so you can't bring your own from your cabin if you're not staying in the Havana area. If you somehow snuck in with the right colored bracelet, you would have to steal a towel while the attendant was away from the towel desk and you could not order a drink there since that would be a dead giveaway that you did not belong.
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