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  1. There will be prior sailings to yours that will describe the new bar offerings such as the one adjacent to Emeril's place that could be the new hot spot similar to the Alchemy Bar. You only need 4 per day from Alchemy if you like to partake in the various non alcoholic options. With the change to Pepsi products, there are many new options like the Pure Leaf iced teas.
  2. If she did come across the pond, it would not be approx 2 months. Approximately 2 months is 8 sailings, she is currently set for 15 sailings from December 19 through March 27. Have zero interest in being moved to another ship. I booked the Enchanted because it was the newest that Princess had to offer. Would love to possibly shift it to Jan of 2022, but at this point we have a sailing booked on the Celebrity Apex. The problem though with rescheduling is that the Enchanted is sailing in Europe during the summer and when she returns for the 21/22 winter season it looks like 10 day sailings instead of 7 day. A 125% FCC won't make up for the increase and more importantly getting the extra 3 days off from work will be impossible. A very frustrating pill to swallow especially after having 2 cancelled this summer.
  3. Every one of the mainstream US based cruise lines have been stuck in the same situation because of the Pandemic. They are trying to hold onto as much money as they can for as long as they can since only a smidgen of dollars are being generated by add ons on late 2021 or 2022 cruises. All of the boards of these various lines on Cruise Critic have had multiple threads with the same complaint. We did luck out however with Royal Caribbean with 2 cruises we had in May and August. We got our full refund on the May cruise as well as the full deposit on our August cruise in only nine days. It of course is the exact opposite of those waiting 120+ days for their credit card refunds. I do hope our first experience on Princess in January assuming the Enchanted sails doesn't result in the same situation that you're currently in.
  4. To which players do they provide free alcohol and on which Cruise lines? Carnival provides it sometimes only in the casino and at other times all over the ship. Either way they have a 15 alcoholic drink limit per day, whether it be through the "drinks on us" program or through Cheers. I don't know the exact rules as to how much and how often you need to gamble to be offered either of the versions. I would assume if you're a heavier gambler, you would receive the Cheers program which is good all over the ship.
  5. Royal, Celebrity, Carnival and NCL are probably the top 4 in no particular order.
  6. Have sailed on NCL four times, the last being two years ago on the Bliss, but they obviously have changed their policy since I never had to pay 120 days prior, let alone 150 days prior to a TA. Is your current deposit refundable? That makes it much easier to cancel at the very last minute. Some of the lines have been more flexible than others during the Pandemic regarding reducing the numbers of days prior to your scheduled cruise for final payment. It certainly can't hurt to research NCL's website for anything in writing or place a phone call to them and act as if you currently do not have a current booking and you're just "gathering information ". Good luck.
  7. Many things can change over the next 5 months and it looks like at this point, the Christmas sailing on December 19 would be the inaugural.
  8. That is the ultimate in pessimism if you think that the Enchanted will not cross the pond at all and have her inaugural in Europe in the spring of 2022.
  9. Ellie...when is your cruise and which cruise line?
  10. If you look to the left side of the picture, you can see levels 2-5 of the 6 levels, all of them have their own swim out area that is attached to their balcony. The balcony has two chairs, small table and small day bed and is attached to a swim out area that runs the length of the building. The ground floor units that we are in are connected right to the pool which once again runs the entire length of the building and is maybe 3.5-4.0 feet at its deepest. We lucked out and got a centrally located unit near the swim up bar. We primarily cruise twice a year but after having 2 cancelled and our January one in jeopardy, we decided to take advantage of the great deals that are being offered and to get away for a week. Because of the 30% occupancy, some options for meals and bars are closed, but we're still having a great time.
  11. Since it has been announced that Princess will be starting up Caribbean Cruises again starting on December 15, that would imply that the first 4 cruises would be cancelled and the Christmas cruise departing on December 19 would be the inaugural. It was previously announced that the first cruise would be on November 21.
  12. As others have said, it's time to find a new TA. Some agencies charge a 25.00 booking fee, while others charge anywhere from 50-100 for changes or cancellations, while the good ones charge nothing. Because the pandemic has decimated their earnings, these policies could be changing in the future, even for the "good" agencies. The commission is based on a portion of the total cruise fare. There are port taxes and fees as well as non-commissionable funds involved that no commission is paid on. I would say the commission involved with a booking like you mentioned is 500+ easily.
  13. Greetings from El Dorado Seaside Suites in Riviera Maya MX. This is the view of our swim out suite towards the swim up bar. Current capacity at 30% with social distancing not a problem.
  14. True, but many people have not heard of the phrase "Buyer Beware". If a higher percentage of people did their due diligence, then Carnival and other lines would not have the little extra cash flow that is being generated from this selling scheme.
  15. Fabulous ship. Was on her twice, once out of NYc and once out of Miami, both 8 day trips. We stayed in an inside cabin in the Havana area. Would highly recommend it if you like to avoid unruly children.
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