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  1. You can practice social distancing to a certain degree while on a cruise ship. It's impossible to do so on a full airplane.
  2. If I'm wrong, I'll be corrected, but this is how I infer how it is. If you paid say, 1000 for a balcony cabin (base rate without port charges), you would receive 1250 in a FCC towards the base rate of a future cruise and that cruise would have to be taken by Dec 31, 2021. If your re-booked cruise only cost you 1200, the extra 50 bucks is either applied towards another cruise or is thrown away. If your new cruise is 1350, then the 1250 would be applied and you would be responsible for the extra 100.
  3. More like realistic. We could be stuck in lock down till Memorial Day. The chances of cruising in July are very slim and with each subsequent month will increase. I need to make an evaluation on May 31 whether I will put the balance down on my August Oasis cruise or not. The optimistic side of me says to put the balance down and if cancelled I'll have the 125 % FCC, but the pessimistic side of me says to take the money back since I will already have 1 FCC for my soon to be cancelled Bermuda cruise for June.
  4. No need to fret about your July cruise, you'll be smuggling at home.
  5. Does the FCC have to be rebooked through the same TA that you used on cruise 1?
  6. Another reason I am hoping our Oasis cruise is on for August 30. Am accustomed to the packaging of the drinks package on Celebrity, Princess, NCL and MSC. Add Cheers on Carnival with 10% discount and 10% additional discount using Allstate gift cards. That leaves RCI and their roller coaster pricing which I hate. May end up going back to having alligator arms when it comes to purchasing individual alcoholic drinks on RCI.
  7. Since you redeemed a FCC, did you have to book your new cruise the same exact way? Meaning if you went through RCI directly you had to use them again or use the same TA on cruise 2 that you used on cruise 1. Thanks
  8. I would not cancel. We have 2 cruises booked for the summer, both out of Bayonne. June 26 5 days to Bermuda and August 30 7 days to Bahamas. We will wait until RCI cancels the sailing so we get the 125% FCC. Both cruises at this time for the same exact weeks for 2021 are higher, so it would cost us more money, but the extra 25% from the FCC would cover the price differential and maybe even score us an upgrade from inside to OV. The Bermuda cruise on the Adventure will be on the Freedom next year, so it'll be on a larger ship that has just come out of dry dock. I would obviously flip your Adventure cruise to the corresponding Freedom cruise in August of 2021.
  9. You do have a fourth option. Pay your balance, wait until Royal cancels your sailing and you'll then receive a 125% FCC based on your base cruise rate. Yes, you need to redeem it by Dec 21, but the 125% gives you the wiggle room to cover price increases or possibly an upgrade if you decide to sail at the end of the summer or in the fall next year. And instead of the Adventure of the Seas, you can go on the Freedom, which is replacing it next year out of Bayonne and it has just come out of dry dock with upgrades. That's what we're doing with our June 26 sailing, which we're 99.99% will be cancelled.
  10. The extra FCC of 25% will cover any increased price difference which would be needed if the initial purchase price was low because of booking way in advance or possibly booking at a great price after final payment during these tough times. The best one could possibly achieve would be a modest upgrade or maybe a better one if going from a higher demand sailing to a lower demand one.
  11. So how about 6 days at sea and a visit to a private island? Sounds like the perfect prognostication to me since I'm on that same cruise.
  12. Hope that the bartenders are heavy handed when making your Margaritas. 🥤
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