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  1. Since you mentioned that you like sliding doors on your balcony, look into the brand new Mardi Gras, which I believe will have what you're seeking.
  2. There are in general four types of classes of ships in the Carnival fleet. The Fantasy Class is the oldest, built in the 90's and they are about 70 K tons. The Spirit Class, which was built for Alaska cruising, is about 88K tons. The Conquest class is just over 100 K tons and the Vista Class is just over 130 K tons. Some people are happy with what they are accustomed to, while others like to evolve and try something different, which would include sailing on a larger, newer ship that would have more bells and whistles. But, if you were satisfied with the experience you had, stick with what you know.
  3. You don't get free OBC from Carnival that is worth much. Your best bet is to search online for cruise oriented agencies that have a block of cabins or group space that will give you OBC. At minimum, you should get 75-100.
  4. The Mocha Java Rev-Up is chocolate and coffee ice cream with milk and a shot of espresso. Swap out the chocolate ice cream for vanilla and it becomes a Latte milkshake.
  5. Whether you booked through a TA or a Carnival PVP, give them your discounted card information and prepay it that way. I prepaid using cards for my August of 2018 as well as my August of 2019 cruises back before the last price increase in Cheers at the end of 2017.
  6. You can stay informed by reading the thread. No need to post on it if it involves an issue that you do not have a need for, like you wrote.
  7. Since you don't have a need for a Cheers, why are you on this thread? Is it just to stir the pot? It's similar to the Loyal Royals who bash Carnival, yet have never sailed on any of the ships in the fleet. First hand experience with the subject at hand in any thread on CC goes a long way towards credibility.
  8. eCards are currently available to me in both 100 and 500 denominations.
  9. Set up a separate account for public forums on Gmail or Yahoo, this way your private email is not "out there".
  10. Have to agree regarding the haphazard way of sending out promo codes. I get most of them, but just like yourself, did not get the one that Cabo Bob received. That's why I always post what I get, but many times Saint Greg or someone else beats me to it. Regarding the eCards, Jerseygirl had mentioned that she was not able to get them, yet I was even though we are both from NJ. My only assumption is since I am an Allstate customer I could purchase the ecards and she could only get the physical cards since she was not an Allstate customer.
  11. If the food sucked over the course of a week and you were stuck paying extra to go into town to enjoy bearable food, why do you think it would be ok for a day pass? Bad food is bad food, even for only a lunch during a day pass. There are too many options to put up with it.
  12. And if you pre-pay with 10% discounted Carnival gift cards, the 51.95 per day becomes 46.75. + 9.35 grat or 56.10 per day.
  13. My Horizon cruise from August, does not mention it and was from NYC. Why would I lie about this? Were any of your 2019 cruises from NYC?
  14. Just like you did, all I can do is report what happened to me on my previous cruise, which had a stickered S&S card out of NYC on the Horizon.
  15. Sorry to correct you, but 7457 is not a sideways interior, it is a regular interior. Cabins 5205 and 5208 are the only two sideways interiors in the Havana area on the Horizon. What makes them sideways is that you enter the cabin in the middle of the long side instead of the short side like most cabins. EDIT. Other non Havana area interior cabins that are sideways would include 6432, 6249, 7412, 7421, 8431, 8434, & 9439.
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