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  1. We just booked a Norwegian cruise to Dominican Republic for November. I'm assuming that we'll be docking in Taino Bay. Has anyone heard anything about the new port and when it's opening? It will be nice to see a new port area.
  2. It's so peaceful on the ocean, plus my husband doesn't fly well so if I want to go anywhere besides the US, we have to cruise.
  3. I absolutely loved Oasis of the Seas and didn't find it overly crowded. I love the Central Park area, it's so peaceful.
  4. Sometimes it's fun to eat in port. We normally only do that if lunch comes with our excursion. Be careful with drinks. For one thing, cans and bottles of water and soda may be been sitting in contaminated ice. Bring a straw, and don't drink directly out of the can or bottle. Also, if you get mixed drinks, make sure you know where the ice is coming from. I've gotten sick from Margaritas in Roatan because of the ice.
  5. Gotta have a cruise to get you through to your next cruise! 😉
  6. Everyone is doing great this week! Congratulations! As for me, I at least didn't budge from the weight I was when I gained back the 1.5 lbs. Since I can't walk as much right now due to my foot arch tendinitis I'm going to at least try not to gain. I'm going to do another round of the 21 day fix, and keep going to the gym to do the weight machines, elliptical, and bike. If I don't go at all I'll get out of the habit and not get back into it. Since it's a three day weekend, I'm going to try and get some better shoes with more support, and rest my foot. At least I'm eating hea
  7. Thanks. I'm used to walking so much and I found the elliptical so hard. Guess I may try doing that for a few minutes each day till I get more used to it. And the rest of the time can be the bike. I have been walking outside once a day for a few minutes. The doctor thinks it's tendonitis due to overpronation, so I have an orthotic with a higher arch in my shoe to see if it helps.
  8. Thanks Robin, that sounds like fun but I have no access to a pool right now. Planet Fitness doesn't have one. Hope your foot is doing well. I broke my toes once and that really hurts.
  9. I'm kind of discouraged today. I've had foot pain for a week. I don't think it's plantar fasciitis, I think it may be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. I'd noticed when walking lately that my ankle was turning in with my walking shoes so that may be the cause. But I rested all weekend, and even though I stayed pretty close to my 21 day fix diet, gained 1.5 lbs back, and my foot still hurts. I changed shoes to some Naturalizers that I had. I'm going to make a podiatrist appointment tomorrow if it isn't a lot better. My biggest exercise is walking, outside and on the treadmill, and I
  10. Thanks @JennyB1977 I'll try that. I'm thinking it may be my shoes, I've noticed my foot lately rolling in, so I may look into new ones this weekend.
  11. I lost 1.5 lbs this week. 4 lbs altogether in the last two weeks so not too bad. I'm on the 21 day fix and normally lose the most in the early part of the program. I have one more week, then I'll take a few days off and start again. I have 80 days till my cruise so I still have time. My problem is that suddenly I have arch pain in my foot, and I have to walk. Trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'll do the weight machines at the gym today instead of the treadmill and hope I feel better tomorrow. Sounds like everyone did well this week!
  12. It's our first cruise on MSC. I'm seeing that water is not included on the Meraviglia Bella Experience. Does that mean bottled water? Can we get tap water and iced tea included with our meals like on other cruise lines?
  13. Don't know if the attached will help but it's the one I use for my website. Packing List Compliments of The Quiet Cruiser.pdf
  14. @AndyB Yes, the 21 Day fix is the Beachbody program. I never paid for the program, just figured out how to do it on my own. The Shakes are so expensive so I don't use them. I bought the food containers at Walmart.com. The colors are different but that didn't matter. I've attached a chart I made to keep track of the food containers, and a chart with the kind of foods you can eat if you want. I do whatever exercises I want to. 21 Day fix.xlsx 21-Day-Fix-Food-List-Reference-Guide.pdf
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