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  1. Is there a way this can be done ahead of the cruise, or do we wait until we board and then go to the MDR and ask? I know contracts change a lot, and people move around, so it's not guaranteed that a waiter we really enjoyed last summer will be around on the same ship almost 2 years later, but you never know. I know his name and that he was from the Philippines. Since we are sailing on Radiance OTS, it makes sense that he still make have a contract on the ship since it spends a good portion of the year near his home (or at least closer than the USA).
  2. We did the Deadliest Catch excursion (aka Bearing Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour which we booked independently, not through the cruise line) and it was SUPER fun and educational. Great for all ages. We were a group of 6 people ages 75, 43, 39, 10, 10 and 6.5 and we all thought it was really fun.
  3. We sailed on Radiance NB last August and had a fantastic time. Loved seeing all your photos. We also did a charter with Glacier Wind (Captain Casey), and saw an amazing amount of both orca and humpback whales. I'm glad you had such a wonderful vacation. I need to go back to Alaska again and see more!
  4. I watched the video. It shows basically how I packed befroe using packing cubes and rolling things, and organizing like things together. I much prefer packing cubes probably becasue I like being organized, but to each their own. Whatever works for you!
  5. Can you explain this system? Do you mean bundle each outfit together? And if so, what about the pants/shorts that I will wear more than once? Fold 2 shirts with one pair of shorts/pants? And what about "this shirt goes with this skirt, this pair of shorts and I can wear it with this pair of capri pants." How do you pack that kind of stuff?
  6. Excellent choice! We will be disembarking from a TP (Hawaii to Vancouver) on the day you board. 🙂 We sailed on her last August (exactly a year ago actually), and didn't have any issues. Beautiful ship and Alaska is amazing!
  7. We sailed on Radiance a year ago. Actually we were on her exactly one year ago today in Alaska. I loved the size. Not too big, not too small. Easy to navigate and get around. No goofy half levels/deck. We had a balcony cabin for hubby, me and our 6 year old son. My mom and 10 year old twins were next door to us in an accessible room. Both rooms had shower curtains but it wasn't an issue for us at all. Lots of storage in each cabin. We enjoyed having drinks in the Schooner Bar and the "old school" wooden boat feel there. Cascades Dining Room was nice, the food was good, and our waiter Stanley was amazing. Excellent service everywhere we went, but especially from him. We like being able to walk outside on the Promenade Deck (5), the Lido Deck (10) and the track on Deck 11. The views to outside are everywhere. Even when you are using the elevators, you can see the ocean (if you get on the outside "hump" elevators). Our kids loved Adventure Ocean, and hubby and I enjoyed the quiet and view from the Viking Crown Lounge/Starquest (Deck 13), which during the day is serene and great for reading, relaxing, enjoying the view, crossword puzzles, card games, etc. We liked her so much, we are sailing on her again next May in a TP from Hawaii.
  8. Check out the Kualoa Ranch at kualoa.com. Lots of tour options of all sorts. My hubby and I are going to do an UTV tour and then explore the North Shore of Oahu (renting a car).
  9. I see it for the first time ever at $24.99/person for our May TP sailing from HI to Vancouver. We are sailing on Radiance and don't have many of the larger ship shows or activities. On a 10 night sailing that's an extra $250 per person for "priority boarding," lunch on embarkation day in the MDR from Chops, breakfast on disembarkation day and choose your departure time. I don't see how it's worth it for a smaller ship.
  10. Deluxe Beverage Package has been $52 for awhile now on Radiance for our May 2020 TP sailing from HI to Vanocuver. Being on a smaller ship isn't always a bad thing.
  11. Whatever floats your boat! 😉 Last summer, we took our kids on their first cruise with my mom. 7 nights northbound Alaska on Radiance OTS. I had t-shirts custom made for all of us for embarkation day. They just say H family cruise, Alaska and the dates with the front of a ship and a glacier like shape behind it. Then, to tell our kids about the trip, I wrapped up some Alaska maps, with the t-shirts in a huge box and the kids opened it at Christmas. Our kids were 10, 10 and 6.5 when we sailed, so they thought it was "cool." My husband is a good sport and doesn't care about such things either way. Nana liked matching the kids. We got some good photos that day and it made embarkation day more of an "event." When hubby and I sail together, we do not wear matching shirts and I've never thought about it. I just want to get on that ship!
  12. No, we are still researching. We don't sail until May 2020.
  13. I love Baggalini for the organizing features and variety of colors and linings, but finding the right size with all the options one wants is tricky. Before our Alaska cruise last year, I ordered and returned 2 or 3 before I settled on one in navy that I can use either under my arm or crossbody. I need to look into those other brands like Lug, Mandarina Duck and Travelon. Thanks for those ideas everyone!
  14. Oh! This is important to note. I was just trying to figure out if we should buy the drink package or pay as we go. I noticed on the menu pics posted above that it says "gratuity inclusive" so it makes total sense that this was the Aussie market price list. Does anyone know (or have the drink menu prices) for Radiance or one of her "sister" ships for the US market?
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