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  1. I have the same problem when I wear ankle height socks, so I either don't wear socks inside the boot (I have something like the one you posted in black) OR I wear calf-height or taller socks. I know it seems odd to wear no socks at all, but the first time it happened I wasn't at home and it was driving me bonkers, so I peeled the socks off and put the boots back on. My feet stayed toasty warm and no more annoying sock issues.
  2. Don't wait! They will fill up and you will be sad and disappointed if you don't get to do the things you want. Book them as soon as you can, whether they are private excursions or through RCCL. We booked our excursions (all private) and Juneau car rental in Sept/Oct. of 2017, and sailed in August 2018. Don't wait! You can't get off the ship in Alaska and find excursion opportunities like you can in the Caribbean.
  3. We collect magnets from all our vacation travels, but after buying a new fridge, I found some nice metal "boards" on Amazon, and we use those now instead of scratching the fridge. On our last cruise, our oldest son found a ship model that's made of thin foam-core. For under $20, he got something to build (which he LOVES), and a cool souvenir. It's still together and on a shelf in his room.
  4. When we did our Alaska cruise in August 2018, people seemed to wear whatever was comfortable on board. On sea days, I wore yoga pants or leggings, a tshirt and a fleece zip up cardigan during the day. My husband wore jeans with a t-shirt/track jacket/fleece and so did our kids. We changed for dinner, but overall thought that people were not "as" dressed up for dinner as I have seen in the past in the Caribbean.
  5. I will re-wear shorts, skorts, skirts and capri pants. 2 swimsuits so I can alternate them from day to day. I will wear a sundress during the day and then re-wear it another night (or vice versa). I do not re-wear my shirts. I don't like the sweat/smell and I refuse to do laundry on vacation. Since my tops are basically t-shirts or tank tops they take up very little space in the suitcase.
  6. I researched a lot before we booked our pre-cruise stay. We decided on a condo through airb&b. We have an oceanfront view in a nice building, on a high floor for HALF of what it cost to stay in most hotels. We are going to use Uber and the bus to get around, plus walk. We are staying 4 days pre-cruise and are also renting a car for 1.5 days so we can drive around the island and see the North Shore.
  7. I've seen/read lots of suggestions to eat malasadas (a type of puffy, filled donut) at Leonard's Bakery, 933 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu 96816 and to people watch and have Hula Pie at Duke's (2335 Kalalaua Ave, at the Outrigger on Waikiki beach). I haven't been there yet, but those 2 places are on our list!
  8. Happily! It is Sail Maui. Easy to remember. LOL!
  9. Assuming your B2B Ovation cruise arrives in Vancouver and ahead of it's summer Alaska sailings. That also means you are sailing in very late April/May, and the whales will be gone then. The good news is they are swimming toward Alaska and you can hopefully see them in Vancouver or even as you sail north and get closer to that area. We are doing HI to Vancouver on Radiance OTS in May. We are mostly renting a car and exploring each island on our own. In Maui, we booked a sailboat excursion that includes snorkeling, and then actual sailing time (using the wind and sails, not a motor). We are there one long day (not overnight). Check out trip advisor for ideas, and/or some library books. That's how we decided what to do in each port.
  10. We have a daughter that uses a wheelchair for long distances/in the community, otherwise she walks with forearm crutches. The issue we had was finding excursions that would accommodate her wheelchair. Not taking the WC with us was not an option. We ended up booking mostly private excursions for our party of 6 and it worked really well. We had an amazing vacation and our kids had a ball too. This is what we did - in case it helps anyone else plan: Ketchikan - Bering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour (booked directly with them - they gave her a front row seat and were super helpful) Icy Strait Point - whale watching with Glacier Wind Charters (Captain Casey). Amazing from the time we asked questions via email until the last minute when we left the transit van. Class act. Juneau - DIY with rental car to Mendenhall Glacier, Eagle Point Beach, DIPAC Salmon Hatchery. It was too foggy to be able to see from the Mount Roberts Tramway, so we scrapped that. Ketchikan - private charter to Caribou Crossing, Emerald Lake, and the Caribou Crossing Dog Mushers Camp. Great driver that was really good with our kids. We loved seeing the sled dogs and riding the cart (it goes FAST!).
  11. I agree with CruiserBruce, and if there is no other option other than arriving after 9pm at night, I'd make the most of it and spend 2+ days in Honolulu (or the Waikiki area) before the cruise. The first night you would just check in to the hotel and crash, but if you stay another night or more, you could really enjoy some of the island before the cruise. Also, check out condo rentals as an alternative. We booked a really nice oceanfront condo for a lot less than a hotel, plus no resort fees.
  12. Cocktail dress for me, and dress pants, shirt and tie for hubby. I might try Rent the Runway for our next cruise though, as I have heard great things.
  13. I get my hair cut and colored when I need it, but before vacation for sure. I don't have a timeline for it. Gel mani and pedi a day or 2 before we leave.
  14. We did Petrified National Forest and Grand Canyon in AZ, all 5 in Utah (Bryce Canyon, Zion, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches), plus Rocky Mountain in CO. It was amazing! We met some Dutch and German travelers at a couple of the KOAs, and I took German in school and can still speak/understand it more or less, so it was fun to hear it again.
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