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  1. Can you share who you used, or what website you used? 🙂
  2. I know it's trivial, but...post a pic of the sandals you bought, pretty please? I'm kind of a shoe nut. Also: I need to go on a Med Cruise ASAP. Have been to France and Italy, but Malta and Greece would be amazing! Loving all these photos!
  3. Price! 😂 We decided based on amount of time in HI, islands visited, and total price. We were willing to do a longer cruise if the price was the same or better. We knew we wanted to go to Kauai and not all ships stop there. We booked over President's Day weekend when it seemed like every cruiseline website was having a sale. I priced out regular balcony cabin on Pride of America, a Celebrity ship, and Radiance of the Seas all for the first 2 weeks of May 2020. POA was their usual 7 night route for TWICE the price of Radiance - BUT Radiance was a 10 night sailing from Honolulu to Vancouver. Celebrity was about the same as POA and for 11 nights. With the money we saved on the less expensive cruise on Radiance, we can put some money into a pre-cruise stay at a nice hotel on Oahu, plus excursions. So we got an amazing price on a 10-night TP cruise, and can still afford to stay on Oahu 4-5 nights before the cruise and do fun excursions for the same cost as what just the cruise would have cost on POA.
  4. Does "the Bus" that travels around Honolulu not have a lift? I should think they do, but have not needed to search. If so, you could use it to get to Pearl Harbor to do the tour, see the Visitor Center, etc. Then board another bus and get off somewhere near Waikiki to shop/explore/eat, before returning to the ship. Just an idea. Not sure of the logistics. FWIW, I had a similar experience with the Disability board here on CC. Lots of complaining, but very little useful and helpful logistical advice. Good luck with your planning for HI.
  5. My husband and I have been discussing this too. I think we are going to drop off the rental the night before we cruise to save money and the hassle of having to return it and get to the port on embarkation day. This will allow us to deal with the hassle the night before we sail, instead of the day we leave.
  6. TwinMamainMN

    Kauai Beaches

    Oh! I like this idea and would like to do something similar. Following this post to see what ideas you receive.
  7. We sailed on Equinox in 2011 and loved it! It felt a little "fancier" or more formal than when we sailed on Radiance, but I think a lot of that has to do with the location of the cruise (southern Caribbean vs. Alaska). We enjoyed the glass blowing demonstrations several times and loved the lawn club with real grass. Also the bar on the aft deck outside was a lovely way to chat with friends and have a couple of drinks and watch the wake. I would sail on Celebrity again if the price was right.
  8. Are you talking about the Pearl Harbor Memorial, the Mighty Missouri Battleship, and Bowfin Submarine? If so, based on my research, you can easily tour them on your own and use a taxi or city bus to get back and forth from the port (or rent a car for the day).
  9. I am not fair skinned, but thanks to prescription medicine I burn quickly now. I bought Sun Bum SPF30 to use this summer and it works well for me so far. It smells slightly like bananas and coconut, but not in a "I'm gonna stink all day" way.
  10. Good question! We are sailing the opposite cruise from you (HI to Vancouver), so I am wondering the same thing.
  11. Last August we had 7108 and 7110 on Radiance. It was sometimes loud in the hallway, but once we were in our room, we never heard much of anything. 7108 has a deeper balcony as it is the first one behind the hump. 7110 is an accessible room and was massive and had a big wide balcony too. We didn't mind the location at all.
  12. I love Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops. You can buy them on amazon, Nordstrom, etc. If I can wander and stand in lines for 15+ hours at Walt Disney World in them (and while pregnant!), you know they are comfortable. I have kinda flat feet, so if you need a lot of arch support they may not work for you.
  13. My husband has wide feet, and I have pretty flat feet, so this is super helpful! Thanks for posting back with a review.
  14. We loved Icy Strait Point for the same reasons others love Sitka, Homer, and Kodiak. Small, beautiful, less ship traffic and people overall, and amazing whale watching. We haven't been to Sitka, Homer or Kodiak, but I bet we would love them too.
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