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    Ferry Pass

    We just returned today, and were able to use a credit card to purchase our transportation passes.
  2. We just did this excursion two days ago. We also enjoyed it very much. As said earlier...the boat is fantastic, and plenty of comfortable seating. Getting on the boat was very easy to the first level, which has indoor and outdoor seating. There's a set of stairs to the second level - not particularly difficult. Entry into the water is via a few stairs that lead to a ladder into the water. OUr daughter has some mobility issues (fear of being off balance, general weakness), but had no trouble at all. There were 60 passengers, but didn't feel crowded at all. We can't speak to the snorkeling quality, since we chose to just swim. But some on our excursion expressed disappointment by the lack of sea life. We could see that there was LOTS of coral to be seen, even without snorkel gear. And the water was fabulous. The guides provided pool noodles to float around with, life jackets if desired, and a couple of paddle boards. We absolutely recommend this. We booked through NCL, since we didn't see any non-ship opportunities to book. Interestingly, we were mixed with a group from Celebrity, and they charged $40 more than we paid on NCL!
  3. I saw that several people were successful with booking Choir of Man by calling NCL, so I followed suit. Now a full day later, and the reservation is not showing on my Vacation Summary online. Did you reservation show up with your other booked items online? Thanks, Kathi
  4. Hmmm...we often travel 3 to a cabin, with our daughter, and the bed has always been converted back to a couch for during the day, and back to a bed for turn-down. We never asked one way or another.
  5. I saw the last few comments about Bronco Stables so I picked up the phone to call. We were able to make reservations right over the phone. No deposit. And it's $50/person, so the tour will be $150 for us.
  6. I purchased a Bermuda Stone necklace during my first trip to Bermuda and love it! Returning in a few weeks and would like to add another piece. Recommendations on reasonably-priced stores to explore? (The last time we spent a good amount of time shopping, which I would prefer NOT to do this time.) Thanks for any suggestions! Kathi
  7. keichman

    Bermuda cave

    Just checking who you're sailing with? NCL provides $50 PER STATEROOM, not per person. So for my family of 3, a $99 excursion is discounted to $247 (about $86/person). Kathi
  8. keichman

    Bermuda cave

    Good news is that the original poster is going in August, when the schools are not in session. (Last day end of June/First day mid-September.) That at least takes care of the students.
  9. Thank you so much for the confirmation! 👍
  10. Thank you. Have you experienced this? Our TA said only the first two receive the Spa Pass. But I know sometimes TA's report wrong info.
  11. We're considering booking a Spa Mini Suite. There are 3 in our family, including our 18-year-old daughter. Would all three of us get the spa passes, or is this only available for the first two passengers (like some of the other perks)? Thanks!
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