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  1. I am guessing this can be purchased on the ship? Is it normally the same price as in advance? Can it be purchased at any bar? Thanks for any help.
  2. My email I received from RCI also included Hong Kong.
  3. Now that was funny. I remember those day. Dad he is hitting me... Do ever remember those day. We always use lanyards. keep the seapass away from your cell phone as it can demagnetize the card and you will not be able to get in to your cabin.
  4. Perfect. That is what I was hoping. Our drink package has already been purchased well before boarding. Thanks for the info.
  5. Should have read sticker instead of stick. Just wasn't sure if it would be printed on my seapass or it would be a sticker.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the Deluxe drink package will be printed on my seapass card or will I have a stick applied to my seapass? Is it based on the ship?
  7. yeah... Makes sense there. Bummer for me but totally understand. Thanks
  8. I know it not currently support on Explorer. Any ideas when it might be available? We are sailing in mid Feb.
  9. Following as we are looking at this excursion also. Looking at it on Royal's site it looks like they store your luggage. They have 3 trips to the airport and that is included in the price. I didn't see the 8:00 time though. Where were you seeing this time? I wasn't wanting to get off the ship that early. Hope others will comment that have done this excursion. And I was also looking to kill some time before flight out of FLL with our ship arriving back in Miami. I liked the idea of luggage being checked and taken to the airport with us. Figured it would save on luggage storage and save on uber/taxi to the airport. Any other ideas besides renting a car?
  10. They held my 2 bottle for the second cruise and then delivered to our cabin for the second cruise. I explained I was doing B2B but they would not budge and insisted on pulling 2 of the bottle which were delivered on the 2nd cruise.
  11. just off IOS. There were 2 weddings onboard. Four night cruise. We had the UDP. Were told on embarqment day we could use for speciality dining but upon going to Chops were told the entire room was booked for lunch. Could not understand this one but it turned out some business booked the entire lunch that day in Chops. Not happy to say the least. But to answer your question, yes it was included.
  12. We are doing B2B cruises on Indy starting Saturday. Who is the captain? Cruise director?
  13. thanks for the help. Any ideas which restaurants will be open on IOS for lunch? And even if any will be open on embarqment day?
  14. We have the ultimate dining package. What is dress code for lunch at specialty restaurants for lunch? Also, on Independence which speciality restaurants will be open for lunch? Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Thanks for the help. I am thinking if I want to move with our group I need to act quicker though. Anyone else have any thoughts on this cabin location?
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