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  1. Just be aware as Princess does not have a very efficient accounting system on board. It should not happen if you purchase the Premier Package up front and not upgraded.
  2. Warning: I did this on a prior cruise and the Premier Package was not recognized upon boarding. One of us could not board as the medallion did not work. After they allowed us to board and after we got our WiFi connected, or so we thought, we went to Alfredo's for lunch. We ordered drinks and waited over two overs to be served. By the time we got back to the room charges were hitting our account for the drinks. We went back to the restaurant and they had no explanation. This happened several times throughout the cruise so many wasted hours were spent at Guest Services getting the charges removed. Finally, make sure the bartender is giving you what you paid for. For example, the wine bars will have premier wines but the normal bars may not so you never know for sure what you are getting. Please carefully monitor your onboard account and be sure to resolve all issues before leaving the ship.
  3. Does the private ferry leave from the dock next to the ship or do we have to walk over to the public ferry dock? Thanks.
  4. Definitely worth it if you book it online today. Black Friday sale ends today.
  5. Much ado about nothing. Personal choice and experience. I do just fine directly with the cruise line.
  6. Galveston Saltwater Moms Car Service comes highly recommended.
  7. This is the reason I book directly with Princess as, in addition to calling, the live chat is very efficient. No cruise line will deal with you directly if you book with a TA.
  8. Celebrity is always number one for me. I only do Princess if itinerary is more favorable.
  9. Take a look at your Express Pass - to the right of the barcode it will indicate PALL (Premium) or CALL (Classic). If sailing too far out request a detailed invoice which I suggest you print and take with you.
  10. You can call the Enhancement Team to upgrade in advance of the cruise. That number is 800-722-5941. Your Sea Pass will have the proper information coded on it from the start. Same applies to WiFi if you need to upgrade that as well. You cannot upgrade online as you will be charged the full price.
  11. Celebrity's phone system is the worst. I have waited over 2 1/2 hours and what annoyed me was that the representative was clueless. Their website is a hot mess as well. They have a live chat option but as soon as you click on it and start typing it disappears. Princess has all these lines beat. Their website and Live Chat is more efficient. Same long wait, however, unless you call at 9:00 am on the dot EST.
  12. Print and take everything. Guest Services will not automatically honor anything if not in writing and may take days to work it out with the main office.
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