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  1. Cruise_Couple

    Deck 2 Jewel of the Seas

    As I recall from sailing on Radiance, deck 2 is the lowest passenger deck and is also home to the medical center. I do not remember there being many cabins on that level. The only thing that stands out in my mind was the very visible watertight doors on that level.
  2. Cruise_Couple

    Anthem Tribute bands

    Where can I find this list of band/performer information for Anthem?
  3. Can anyone tell me approx. how long before a cruise they list Cruise Planner Entertainment and Activities and Photo Packages for booking? They listed Shore Excursions, Dining, Beverages, Internet, Spa stuff a long time ago but nothing since. Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.
  4. We were on deck 3 ocean view on Radiance (sister ship to Serenade) and we loved it. Check out our pictures in the new CruiseCritic gallery.
  5. Anthem of the Seas is in Boston today and I am only 1 hour away so I am heading out to "visit" her and dream about this coming July when I will actually be able to sail on her!
  6. Here is a list of Q&A directly on the ADA Government site explaining about SERVICE animals... https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/service_animal_qa.html In short... it seems like this new policy will be fairly meaningless and impossible to enforce.
  7. Cruise_Couple

    Royal Gifts.... only certain ships?

    Possibly some difficulty in sourcing the product from local suppliers at a cost effective price near those ships home ports?
  8. Cruise_Couple

    Solarium Bistro on Anthem

    Not trying to hijack this thread but am I allowed to bring my two 15 year old daughters for lunch in the Solarium Bistro on embarkation day? Is this venue adults only?
  9. Can I reserve a specific cabana or bungalow on Labadee? If so, how do I do it? I do not see an option on the web site so can I do it if I call the customer service line directly?
  10. The shore excursions for Labadee show a Dragon's Tail Coaster "Single Ride" for for $26 but they also list another as Dragon's Tail Coaster "All Day Access" for $35. The single ride option forces me to pick a specific time for my reservation. The All Day Access has only 1 time slot listed as 10am no other options. So my questions is... Does the all day access give you... A. Just one ride but at the time of your choice B. As many rides as you want whenever you want C. Just one ride at 10am D. Some other choice I haven't even thought of Thank you for any information you can provide.
  11. I have no knowledge or expertise on this... however... I applaud your love and courage for taking your child with you. Too many times in this day and age we forget how much a child can inspire us to be better people regardless of their physical or emotional status. I hope to see you on a ship with my family someday.
  12. Cruise_Couple

    New Zipline on Labadee?

    The price was $139. The picture shows you strapped in horizontally facing down as if you were flying like "superman"! Dragon's Breath is listed as $105 OVERVIEW Take a thrilling leap into sky-high adventure as you race head-first on a tandem zip line course that shoots you along 2,800 feet of cables dangling above the forested mountains and tropical seascapes of Labadee. Atop a launch tower in the middle of the forest you’ll meet expert trainers who will deliver a safety briefing before gearing you up with a helmet and cable harness. Then feel the adrenaline rush of flying head-first, like a soaring superhero, through a tunnel of tall trees along a zip line that opens up over craggy cliffs plunging to the bright-blue ocean below. This unforgettable flight whizzes you over Labadee’s powdery sands, crystalline seas, and coral reefs — all before touching down safely on an elevated landing deck. ZLE8 HIGHLIGHTS Ziplining: Amp up the adrenaline while flying across a tandem zip line course spanning some 2,800 feet of suspended cables. Birds-eye view: Fly belly-down through the treetops, zooming over steep cliff faces and soaring beyond the beach. Labadee: This private isle’s green forests, white-sand shorelines and turquoise waters deliver an epic backdrop for your exhilarating flight.
  13. Has anyone tried the "Furious Flyer" Zipline on Labadee? Thoughts? We are signed up for the Dragon's Breath Zipline but this new one just showed up as a new option in our Cruise Planner.
  14. Hi all, I have been watching Anthem in Cape Liberty today and other ports in the past. I only see the North Star go straight up and down. I thought it was supposed to swing you out over the sides of the ship, etc. Anyone know why they do not seem to be doing this? I hope it is not broken!
  15. Cruise_Couple

    Did a drive by today!

    We have a drive by planned for this August to see Anthem in Boston. Very easy to view standing on the bridge next to the pier. Only 1 year to go until our actual sailing!!!