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  1. Well, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of Royal Caribbean's service, and I've always found better deals going through TAs (on board credits and such). I'm curious if I transferred the cruise if I'd still be eligible for their discounts, if they rebook, and that sort of thing. Honestly, I'm not sure of the entire process when you transfer to a TA.
  2. Hey all! My family of 4 have booked on the Navigator of the seas in November staying in a Junior Suite. My dad is wanting to go now (I know, spoiled parents). What would be the best way to go about this? I made the mistake of going directly through Royal Caribbean, and I'm fairly certain I can transfer my cruise to a Travel Agent since I'm less than 60 days from my booking, but I've never done that before. Should I transfer my booking and see what the TA can do? I've tried emailing RCI, but haven't gotten a response in a week. Should I just book him the cheapest extra room we can get through RCI? He said he's OK with whatever room as he'll most likely be staying in ours a lot.
  3. Hopefully the 2 captains got out and exchanged insurance information!
  4. I'm having the same issue with getting my kids passports! Post Office only open 9-2 M-F in my town ha!
  5. So, to summarize this thread. I need to live in New Jersey, homeschool my kids, or be Jewish to take advantage of the deal. Anyone know of affordable places to live in Jersey?
  6. You bring up a good point, but how many would you say that is though? When your marketing is only applicable to 2% of your targeted audience, would you really say it's effective?
  7. I understand what everyone is saying, but it's still a joke. What dates do you expect parents to actually use? It's a marketing gimmick to get people on the website. I'm not saying it's wrong, but it's a joke. I just thought I'd share the laugh with everyone else.
  8. First time posting here in a long time. I just wanted to share my disappointment and have a good laugh. I just booked a sailing for November and noticed the prices seemed off. I was supposed to have 30% off and Kids sail free (sailing with 2 12 and unders). Noticed I got the 30% off, but the kids were still charged. I checked the terms and noticed that every day kids are off from school are excluded from this promotion. Check this out: Kids Sail Free applies to new bookings made between December 4 - 26, 2019. Kids Sail Free provides free cruise fare for 3rd guests and higher who are 12 years old or younger as of cruise departure date, booked in the same stateroom as the first two qualifying guests in a triple or quad occupancy stateroom. Kids Sail Free applies to select 4-night or longer Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, CaribNE, Coastal, Europe, Hawaii, Repositioning and all Serenade of the Seas Alaska 2020 sailings departing between January 4, 2020 - December 17, 2020. Offer excludes Odyssey of the Seas Europe sailings, President’s Day sailings (Sailings between February 14 – 17, 2020), Spring Break sailings (Sailings between March 14 – 23, 2020), Holy Week/Easter sailings (Sailings between April 3 – 17, 2020), Peak Summer sailings (Sailings between May 15 – August 31, 2020) and Thanksgiving sailings (Sailings between November 21 - 28, 2020). Taxes, fees, and port expenses are additional and apply to all guests. What days are they expecting parents to book with these limitations? What a joke. Lol.
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