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  1. Please see post 25 Do I have to cancel by March 13 in order to not have a penalty even though final payment is not due to March 31? thanks
  2. I find the chart confusing.My final payment date is March 31 But what are the dates in the green and orange boxes? Do I have to cancel by March 13 to avoid 25% fee? Thanks
  3. Feb 14 2020 is first sailing after refurbishment
  4. Can you get steak or chicken without sauce? I have a friend who is a very fussy eater looking to get a suite for the space on the Infinity. Thanks
  5. Celebrity changed its policy recently and allowed shareholder OBC to be combined with other OBC for cruises booked after June 1 2019.Previous to that shareholder OBC was not given if you had any other OBC from Celebrity. it is possible that the OBC from your travel agent is part of the pick 2. I noticed many online agencies imply that they are giving it but it is actually coming from the cruise line.If your OBC is from a travel agency kickback then that should be combinable. I have been a shareholder since 2000 and have not been able to get that benefit on Celebrity for a good 10 years
  6. Is the train station near Chester city center?
  7. London? Do I need to buy a ticket beforehand? We have an overnight n Dover so we thought we would just spend the two days in London. Want to book a hotel near the station we come Into .Thanks
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