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  1. I have no illusions of doing this anytime soon, I'm looking at 2023 😉. As far as I can tell, the weather for February in Sydney is 80ish that doesn't seem too bad.
  2. I think I've settled on a February, Sydney to Auckland. The itineraries are VERY similar but the one I chose has just a little more time in some of the ports. I plan on spending a day or two in both Sydney and Auckland, would love to do more but only have so much vacation time. Thank you for your response and if you have any tips I'd be glad to hear them.
  3. Thanks for the response. Akaroa looks wonderful but it seems to not be an option for the dates I think I've decided on. Oh well.
  4. Looking for tips. February or March? Auckland to Sydney or Sydney to Auckland? Coming from Arizona, USA if that factors in at all.
  5. Deciding between itineraries... Akaroa vs Lyttelton? Also Australia to New Zealand or vice versa?
  6. I'm looking at going on a Canada/New England cruise next year but I'm not sure if I will be going on my own or with someone. Is it better to book for one and then add the second person later or book for two and then cancel the second person. Also, can I change the name of the second passenger later if plans change?
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