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  1. Wow! I like Princess, though they rarely, if ever, have solo pricing. But, I previously thought NCL was a good deal with the studios, at about 150% of interiors, but the studio advantage seems to be disappearing along with the Vibe passes.
  2. Multiple passes were given out on Breakaway in 2016.
  3. Quite a few things have changed with Vibe between my previous and last cruise. First, I believe I used to pay $75-now I read it’s $200/week. Secondly, NCL had previously allowed passengers to get multiple (6) passes without those passengers waiting on line—glad they corrected that! Third, VIP passengers are able to have guest relations hold Vibe passes so the process is not first come first serve. In sum, I’m not sure what priority boarding means for platinum Latitudes members.
  4. Stephan, you are so right. There were, I believe, two people in wheelchairs. When they let the “disabled” group of maybe 20 board, one lady ran, actually ran, to guest services. In the past, I’ve had folks ahead of me get ten passes, which I also think is not right.
  5. I’m most upset because NCL lies to you—Vibe is not sold first come, first serve. I don’t begrudge Haven folks for being first in line, though I still doubt many buy Vibe passes. But as a loyal, long time, frequent cruiser, I’m so disappointed in the ethics of NCL.....plus, as someone pointed out, it is the only place not overrun by kids and boisterous adults.
  6. Oh, how much are they now?
  7. I agree. I will try that before I write them off. I did beg my PCC to hold one for me and she said it’s never done. Now I know better. I just hate being lied to.
  8. I chose this as my perk but was informed of the gratuity add on. I purchased the meal plan which I don’t think had a gratuity add on.
  9. Studios are at least, if not more, 150% of interior rates.
  10. If NCL holds Vibe passes for gamblers on a free cruise, I’m sure they hold passes for others, like employees on vacay, performers, etc.
  11. Haven cruisers wouldn’t need a Vibe pass since they have their own private pool area.
  12. I cruised on the Bliss in March, was unaware of this new procedure for upgrades, and never saw a banner or received an email.
  13. On my 7 day cruise, I was charged $20/day gratuity for drink package. Not sure it was worth it.
  14. I’m a platinum Latitudes member who recently traveled on the Bliss. I arrived at port at 8 am and went to the preferred boarding area in order to be first on the ship to buy a Vibe pass. It appeared disabled cruisers and their large families boarded beforehand, and then I boarded and headed right to the area to buy a Vibe pass. Unfortunately, the passes were sold out. I wrote and complained and received a curt reply stating passes were first come, first serve. Last week, I spoke to a Bliss passenger I had met years ago. He was “comped “ the cruise for two (he gambles) and he told NCL he would only go on the free cruise if they held two Vibe passes for him in Guest Relations. NCL complied. Ive cruised NCL over ten times, typically as a solo paying 150%, and paid for all my cruises, followed all the correct procedures that should have insured I was able to buy a Vibe pass, but NCL fraudulently holds passes for preferred guests, so I’m done with NCL .
  15. I agree, this is not a cruise for kids. Cobblestone streets and uneven pavements. If you have to take kids, the family room is definitely what you want. I think they are only interior, but much more space (that you’ll need). Also, kids club babysitting is a must. If you go to your roll call, someone may have booked a company Rome In Limo, which is the highest rated excursion company. I’d only fly nonstop-it’s an 8 hr time difference which could take you a week to recoup. Finally, you won’t have time in Rome, and if the cruise line offers it, I’d take their port to ship transport. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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