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  1. Sorry...my bad. I wasn’t paying enough attention and clicked on the wrong Quebec City. I was paying more attention to a football game as I was answering. Thanks for catching that. But Rome2 Rio site is usually very helpful in figuring out all your transport options.
  2. Go to Rome2Rio.com website and you will see plenty of transportation options. Taking the train from Niagara Falls to Quebec City doesn’t appear to be very time consuming or expensive. If you you end up thinking that you’d fly anywhere within Canada to another Canadian city then considering the smaller local airlines.
  3. Hopefully you will also spend at least a couple of days in Quebec City pre cruise. So so many options and so many great places to visit. Enjoy!
  4. Go, enjoy your cruise and then please report back here afterwards. Others will be fit from your thoughts.
  5. I think that is the same group we had on one of our cruises. They all proudly wear there ID lanyards and stuck to their own group. The negative for us was that they were given all the fixed dining times and and we had to use the As You Wish dining times (or whatever it is called). They also did have crows nest and main lounge reserved for a couple of private events. The positive for us was that we got a major upgrade to a suite at the last minute and was told it was because the private group did not sell/fill that cabin with their group offering. So...we got a nice upgrade. Too bad it was just a 7 night cruise.
  6. We were on a land tour last month that ended in Vancouver and then we flew on our own to Buffalo, rented a car and drove to Canadian side of Niagara Falls and rented from an Air BnB. Loved having the rental car because we spent a day at Niagara-on the-Lake. Wished we had stayed there longer and been able to do more wineries there. We had considered flying to Toronto instead from Vancouver and then taking the bus to Niagara Falls but glad we did the Buffalo way instead. Another option to get to Niagara on the Lake once you are in Niagara Falls is to purchase the WeGo passes in Niagara Falls. It is mainly a shuttle system around all the attractions but it also goes to Niagara on the Lake. Additionally there are all kinds of day trips from Toronto. We just liked being able to do some of the attractions at our own pace and seeing the Falls several times day and night. You have lots of options...just figure out what works best for you. Good luck.
  7. You can sign on to HAL site and under your bookings look up the prices for spa prices - thermal suite and wine packages.
  8. Great point. Yes, Quebec City would not have been our first Canadian port. So maybe we would not be required to be seen by Canadian officials in QC. However maybe there is a difference with being previously cleared for a day visit versus being cleared to stay on land. Thanks
  9. We are considering doing this in Quebec City and are US citizens. We had hoped to be able to wait until late afternoon to disembark due to not being able to check in to our Air BnB until that time and having a place for our luggage. If we have to meet with Canadian authorities sounds like disembarkation time be dictated by their schedule? Thanks for any help with this,
  10. Also you might want to take advantage of bringing 2 bottles of your own wine onboard with you.
  11. No problem.....I just appreciate all the info that you’ve provided. Thanks
  12. Sorry.....I totally appreciate your expertise in this but I have zero clues how to accomplish this. Can you totally dumb it down for me so that I can stay signed in. Hopefully others will appreciate it too and are just too embarrassed to admit that they too are clueless. Thank you!
  13. If I was doing multiple nights, i’d book something from Air BnB (or similar). You could even stay on a houseboat on the canal!
  14. Last year we were in Amsterdam during the HUGE Gay Pride Week....hotels were very high and hard to come by. We ended up at a quirky hotel just a short bus ride from central station. It’s called Pension Homeland. Clean, safe and staff very nice. On grounds brewery and restaurant. Since you mention the month of May for your stay, it should be fine. We were there in August, during a heat wave and hotel does not have air conditioning. We would stay there again as long as it wasn’t the height of Summer. You have 2 bus lines right there or you can walk a short distance and take the tram to central station. We considered walking with our luggage to the port but one of the wheels took a bit of a blow during our flight over and we didn’t want to chance further damage by rolling it that far.
  15. Seems to me that years ago this wasn’t allowed. Is that accurate? If so, what is the reason? HAL doesn’t offer it but can it be done? So, you sail from Boston to Montreal on a 7 day cruise and then sail back on the very next 7 day Montreal to Boston. What about being allowed to sail on the repositioning cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Montreal on an 11 day and then sail right back from Montreal to Boston? i’m sure at least one of you awesome CC’ers knows the history/answers to these questions. Thanks for ant information.
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