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  1. Yes......it is beyond frustrating. Shocked HAL continues with it knowing how user unfriendly it is.
  2. Heard the ship held in port is an MSC while they evaluate if a crew member has the virus.
  3. So true but hopefully HAL chefs can make attempts to replicate and come somewhat close....hope folks post about their experiences
  4. Chef Kristan Kish was very impressive when she was on Top Chef. So despite the premium price, I bet we will be signing up for it first chance we get.
  5. A little dab of toothpaste will work as a temporary “glue”
  6. We’re not in BA until December 2020. Sounds like there is no telling what the preferred currency will be.
  7. Struggling with finding consistency between the websites. Is there one that is possibly more accurate than the others? thanks
  8. Does a Pop Up Sel de Mer fall under the special events or do you get your Mariner discount? We are on a 7 day Veendam and it’s showing up on HAL site as accepting reservations. thanks for any info
  9. Hi, Does HAL still offer this and if so what is it called? Years ago it was called Chef’s Table or Cellar Master Dinner but have no idea if those continue. We are on Veendam 7 day Caribbean and I see that you can pre book the special one night pop up Sel de Mar but was hoping for the paired wine dinner. thanks for any info
  10. Does the stockholder credit top out after 14 days? So that if you had a 22 day cruise get you any additional OBC? thanks for any clarification on this. A while back someone posted a link to an explanation but of course I can’t find it.
  11. Sorry...my bad. I wasn’t paying enough attention and clicked on the wrong Quebec City. I was paying more attention to a football game as I was answering. Thanks for catching that. But Rome2 Rio site is usually very helpful in figuring out all your transport options.
  12. Go to Rome2Rio.com website and you will see plenty of transportation options. Taking the train from Niagara Falls to Quebec City doesn’t appear to be very time consuming or expensive. If you you end up thinking that you’d fly anywhere within Canada to another Canadian city then considering the smaller local airlines.
  13. Hopefully you will also spend at least a couple of days in Quebec City pre cruise. So so many options and so many great places to visit. Enjoy!
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