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  1. Look on the Special Interest- Family Board for more info
  2. SadieN

    Baja wine

    If you cannot get a tour guise, the markets sell local wines. I've seen La Cetto and a few others.
  3. Since no one's been by, I'll give it a go... Loreto is extremely walkable. Last time there we ate at a restaurant that was literally a tarp between two walls. Check out the Mission, it's one of the oldest in all the California's. The Plaza is very unique. Across the way from the the Mission is a weaver in a very old adobe. The front has cheap rugs and other tourist items , the real treasures are in the back. Beautiful hand loom weavings. La Paz has a shuttle to take you into town. The bus station is on the Malecon We like to get ice cream and agua frescas at the store at the polka-dotted tree. Check out the Wyland mural. Two very short blocks behind the bus station is the Church. Across the Plaza from the church is the former city hall, now a museum. We eat at the Mercado.
  4. Offsite parking is on/near 6th and Pine. Somewhere here the notice was posted, but until 11:30. Parking is just going to get harder once the excitement of Panorama is over and many drive to port. She holds 1,000 more pax, potentially 500 more cars than Splendor.
  5. We book guarantee cabins when we book last minute and do not care for any of the cabins shown. On the Miracle we booked a balcony guarantee and received the worst cabin available shown online. On the Inspiration we booked an OV guarantee a week out and ended up with a HC cabin, behind Shore Excursions, under the Piano Bar. Sounds horrible but it actually not a bad cabin location (would have preferred not having a HC cabin, but that's a different discussion). This cabin was not available online. One year on the Paradise we wanted two last minute two triple cabins. Booked OV Guarantee and ended up with the exact cabins we would have paid for at a greatly reduced price. YMMV
  6. It's where Julie Andrews armed wrestled the machine in The Princess Diaries. Bodin's Sourdough bread is right there in the parking lot. Check out the breads flying overhead Upstairs is a small company museum.
  7. DAllenTCY Thanks for the port info. It’s what I was expecting.
  8. We are going on the Carnival Miracle to Hawaii in January. Cheaper for us to do 2 one-way car rentals from ONT-SAN than to park our car for 15 days. Dropping off and picking up from airport locations.
  9. We are going on the Carnival Miracle to Hawaii in January. Cheaper for us to do 2 one-way car rentals from ONT-SAN than to park our car for 15 days. Dropping off and picking up from airport locations.
  10. Which dock are they using in San Diego? The new one or the old warehouse?
  11. Jan 17 to Hawaii. Say hi to you lovely wife!
  12. Just Bumping this up. I have discovered that the airport car rental shuttle no longer serves the cruise port. its about 2 miles away. (and i found the search button, I was using the big blue one, not the little black one, sigh.
  13. Diamond on Carnival, Platinum on Princess. All cruise lines and ships have issues. Why the heck did you sail during the summer during summer break? About the safe-- Every hotel with a swipe mechanism has had to use the same card, otherwise anybody could get into your safe. Unfortunately, you have to be present when there is anything to do with your cabin safe, even on Princess. I'm sure your beds were pushed together by 9pm. Shall I tell you the issues we've had on Princess. One cruise, in a mini suite, Sis couldn't get the Steward, he couldn't be bothered to put the bedding on the pull out sofa bed each night. 10 day cruise Why didn't you make sure the shower curtain was inside the shower? They're now long enough to drag on the shower floor. I won't discuss the low ceiling in the Princess minisuite tub. I'm surprised you didn't complain about the lack of vanity space in the bathroom, it's truly horrible on this class of ship. Agreed, about the AC control, ships were built differently then. We've had horrendous ATD waits on both cruise lines. Is Princess still letting Assigned Dining pax into ATD? Why didn't you ask to be changed to Assigned Dining? How was Catalina? Carnival uses fully ADA compliant tenders, no going up and down steep steps. Did the ship run out of anything? One Princess cruise the ship ran out of toilet paper!
  14. Mom has worn a black neoprene Merrell slide with a black sock. Under her pants no one notices and even if they did they wouldn't say anything to a 'woman of a certain age'.
  15. Be careful of cheap hotels in the Long Beach area. Parts of Long Beach should carry warning labels.
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