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  1. 4x4 Bob flight arrived too late for embarkation and they had to catch up to the ship. Happened on Princess but their experiences could have been on any cruise line.
  2. What's no one has addressed is the possibility of a delayed debarkation. San Diego can be a pain to clear CBP.
  3. They're fraternal sisters. Same deck plan, though the Cherry On Top is in a slightly different location. Different decor, different days of week sailed and different production shows. We've met the same crew on both ships over the years. Until October Imagination is parking off site $15/day. Choose by days of the week you want to sail.
  4. Rent a car SAN to LGB. A taxi from LGB is under $30 to San Pedro.
  5. Well, too late for today, but for the next person. I've seen porters as early as 9:00 for luggage. YMMV
  6. There are copies, then there are copies. In California we do not get an original BC, those are located at the County. We get an official copy on official paper. Be aware that if you need to leave the ship early, you will need a passport to fly home. Many of the islands share embassies or consulates. These are usually located on other islands or mainland. When Daughter broke her ankle overseas she was in no way physically able to get photos and travel to the Embassy nearest her.
  7. This is my basic post about allergies..... We travel with a group that combined has allergies to peanuts, treenuts, shellfish, egg whites, chocolate, MSG and liquid dairy. Only had issues with 'user' error, no issues with Carnival. If you have a nut allergy, know that Carnival classifies seeds as nuts. Each ship seems to do things a little differently. This has been our experiences on the West Coast ships. If you have an odd allergy contact Special Needs before your cruise. If you have a 'normal' allergy no need to do so. https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs/dietary-needs.aspx See the Hostess at embarkation when the Maitre 'd has hours. Hours will be in the FunTmes, usually starting around 1pm. The hostess will take that night's order. Each night the hostess or your waiter will bring you the next day's MDR menu-breakfast, brunch/lunch and dinner. If deciding between two entrees, order both. For brunch don't hesitate to order a breakfast and lunch if you want to eat both meals in the MDR. At ATD, an order slip will be generated and given to your waitstaff when seated. They will confirm the order with you. Only issue we've ever had was one cruise DD's food arrived before mine. For room service, they cannot make special for you but they can tell you the ingredients. No special area so there is always the possibility of contamination Buffet is a minefield. Ask the Hostess or the Head Lido Chef or the Food and Beverage crew in the officer whites. DO NOT ask the line cooks or those serving desserts. They mean well but do not know the full recipes. Cross contamination is always a possibility. Onshore--- we bring allergy cards. I made our own but you can buy some at selectwisely dot com. You can only bring off commercially prepared food. We bring cereal bars, boxes of cereal, bottled water, hard candy etc. Many ports will check. Some will do a physical search, others use dogs. You do not want the cute Labrador to sit next to you. I've had them alert on my Lemonheads. Kids clubs have a form to fill out. There are some snacks served at times. The younger kids meet up at the dinner buffet certain nights. Ask the counselors what's on the menu. Gluten Free has a few different things. Cruise Critic has lots of info about GF. Use ‘gluten’ or ‘celiac’ in the search engine. Know there’s at least GF pizza, noodles, bread available.
  8. Inside Cabins will have upper berths, regular sized twin mattresses, holding up to 250#. French Door/Picture Window/Ocean View?Balcony cabins will have a sofa (Daybed) and an upper berth above .
  9. As of now only the Imagination pax are parking offsite. It's supposed to be only until October, but we will see.
  10. Electronic passport data are a bit more accurate than passport stamps. Daughter has two oddly dated passport stamps, one is 34-12-18. Yep, December 34, 2018!
  11. Taxi's are still a viable option. About $75 to Long Beach from LAX. Long Beach to LAX is $60flat
  12. Almost correct. They've only moved the Imagination pax to the Convention Center parking lot at $15/day, charged to your shipboard account. Panorama and Inspiration park at port for $23/24hours. Imagination parking info is on the boarding pass. For now a good portion on Panorama's pax aren't parking in port I'm sure that'll change once she loses that new ship smell. Hopefully there will be enough parking when the construction is finished.
  13. A can of soda is a bit over $2. Bubbles is $8/day basically three cans of soda and a bit. You can bring your a 12pack of cans onboard at embarkation and from any port.
  14. Our January Imagination cruise boarding pass says to park offsite. Our February Inspiration cruise boarding pass has no such restrictions.
  15. Passport Bus is good if you travel light, 24" suitcase and a backpack. Anything more take UBER/Lyft/taxi.
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