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  1. Just off a 4 Day out of Long Beach. It was a cool itin, never got above 72. Inc;uding what I wore to board--- Almost all bottoms are navy, variety of top colors 1 skort 2 pants 7 tops 2 bras 1 thin cardigan 1 heavy hoodie 1 sleep shirt and short underwear 1 sandals 1 ballet flats 1 purse (Carnival D/P gray sling bag) 1 tote bag black pants, pretty jacket, tank top (could have simply brought a pretty top) for Elegant night Other stuff includes medical kit, electronics kit, toiletries. Honestly, I wouldn't bring much more for a 7 day cruise. Maybe add in sneakers and some socks.
  2. Look at Pacsafe bags. We have several different styles, even one that's a convertible backpack. Bought on ebags and thru Pacsafe.
  3. In Puerto Vallarta go to the Rio Cuale. Along it's banks are lots of artists. If you walk to the top you'll find an art school. Have seen good prices on souvenirs at the Mercado Municipal on the third bridge from the ocean. Upstairs are the restaurants. In Cabo go to Mexican Pottery Los Cabos at Plaza Alamar, Francisco I Madero 8, Centro, San Lucas, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico Bought some small tiles for a counter top here. In Mazatlan go to the Mercado. Food upstairs and lots of shopping inside. We'll get some tamales and Agua Frescas to enjoy at the Plaza in front of the church.
  4. Have been to Ensenada many times over the past 30 years. For dinner I'd recommend, in no particular order---- Mariscos Playa Azul $$ - very good fresh fish Birriera La Guadalajara $- Guadalajaran stew we get it dry Cenaduria El Parian $ rarely do tourists come up this way. The best horchata and jamaica drinks we've ever tasted. El Mesa de Don Fernando $$ Try the Molcajete Hacienda de Charo $$ famous for their wood fired rotisserie chicken in the front window. Avoid the french fries These are quiet restaurants, a mariachi might stroll thru but haven't been bothered by anybody else. We've eaten in all of them within the past year
  5. Can't take off fresh fruit etc. Most places allow prepackaged foodstuffs off in port. We might bring some cereal boxes and hard candy onshore. Many ports will search your bags or have an AG K9 checking everyone out. I've had them alert on my Lemonheads candy. We've had no problem bringing back all sorts of food from port--fresh tortillas and salsa, dinner for those who stayed on the ship, Agua Frescas (usually horchata, jamaica or fruta rojo).
  6. Things have changed a bit. Since December we've sailed the Inspiration and Imagination four times. Every muster has been inside. Weather has not been an issue. Both are Fantasy class ships.
  7. We got our girls State IDs when they were single digits. They've used these all over the world as ID because they do not travel with their DLs, and their passports are in safe keeping.
  8. I wouldn't carry a one liter bottle, I'd carry two half-liter disposable bottles, filling them up every night. The one used first can be crushed down to size. Puff air into it to bring it back to shape. Think about what you absolutely need to carry. We are all different in our needs. Reduce the size of your wallet, many wallets these days are huge. A men's wallet could be a good choice. For some travels you might need a small coin purse.
  9. Thanks for the info. Our past experiences have been RT San Diego. Sounds like things have changed a bit.
  10. Some things they cannot change without extensive renovations so she still has the ceiling thermostat. Your steward will bring you a hairdryer if need be, but they're extremely under-powered. No fridges but you do have several options-- Keep in an ice bucket, get a medical cooling bag (primarily sold for insulin), keep in the Medical office or request a medical fridge from Special Needs beforehand. The medical fridge will take up vanity space. IIRC it will use the only 110V outlet in the cabin. There is a 220v British flat-prong outlet next to the 110v.
  11. Cross posted this on the West Coast Departures board a few days ago and haven't had a reply. How is going thru CBP in San Diego these days? Will be sailing out in January on the Carnival Miracle. When we debarked there 10 years ago CBP was done onboard, no one able to debark until all passengers were cleared.
  12. We had no issues with AT&T in town. Between the towns there will be no cell service. Skagway, Sitka, Ketchikan, Icy Straight Point, Juneau. Confirm your AT&T plan. Many of them include Canada (and Mexico). Our AT&T plan includes Canada as same as home.
  13. You can order lobster for $20 on the regular dining menu.
  14. Three out of our four Alaska cruises we've sailed on ocean view cabins. We like being on deck with the crowds.
  15. How is going thru CBP in San Diego these days? Will be sailing out in January on the Miracle. When we debarked there 10 years ago CBP was done onboard, no one able to debark until all passengers were cleared.
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