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  1. Is Room Service available with the Bella experience? What would be the per use additional charge?
  2. Are Passports required or only recommended? Can birth certificates and valid government issued ID be used instead? Thanks, Joe
  3. My cabin is 10042. Does not look too shabby to me. Thanks for the responses on Room Service, while not a deal breaker it would be a shock to my system to be running to the buffet each morning. I do not mind paying. I am on a Promo special pricing so did not have the option for Fantastica
  4. I have a Balcony Bella Experience booked on the Meraviglia for October. Part of the perks of my booking is the Drinks package and wifi. I think I will really miss room service. Is it available for a charge by any chance?
  5. I spent a week in this cabin earlier this year. I do not believe that it shares a wall with a service area, however it does share a wall with the remote corner of the lounge. We had only one episode when a small child was allowed to beat on the wall. However the parents put a stop to it in short order. Otherwise there was no noise. The service area is actually across the hall from the room, but is seldom used by the YC staff coming to the hall, but the room itself is used as a pantry
  6. I went ot book excursions on my upcoming cruise in January. I saw offering for two types of Yacht Club cabanas, one being ocean view and one being Ocean front. When I saw the price I jumped to the conclusion that it was per cabana. Each said capacity of 6 people, but included snorkling equipment and floats for 4. Ocean view was $399 while Ocean Front was $449. But then I saw the small print that said per person !!!!! Can this be true?
  7. I stayed in the cabin right next to the TopSail Lounge on the port side, however on the Seaside. There was only once during the week that we herd anything, and apparently it was a young child with parents who thought it was ok to beat on the walls like a drummer. Thankful it was a one time occurence
  8. Mr Mike, I, too, feel that many on the boards here take the title of Cruise Critic, literally. They feel this is the place to be critical. I have found that many of the posts must be taken with a box of salt. However there are a few enlightened travelers on here that I value their comments and opinions. I was never expected to "ace" every test/exam, and I knew there was always a scale for the level of "competence" I exhibited. If I passed, I was elated. Some subjects were "easier" for me, and i got better grades there. Some were harder for me and my grades showed that. However, my grades had no connection to which subject I liked the best. The same goes for how I view ships, and I have been on plenty. Ships from a specific line many times have different scores. Many here will disqualify an entire line on their experience with one ship on one specific sailing. They are not travelers, they are vacationers. This week there is a Carnival ship that had to delay embarkation of passengers until 4:00 PM. All of those poor people who arrived early or even on time with expectations of getting on board early were inconvenienced. Their actual cruise may go without further mishap and actually be very enjoyable, with perfect weather and excellent service and food. Nevertheless, I would expect to see a myriad of "criticism" with many vacationers writing off Carnival and perhaps cruising in general. Travelers take it in stride and accept the "adventure" of travel. Being a Traveler has nothing to do with how many cruises you have been on, it has more to do with your attitude and expectations of travel. Just my take on it, I accept these forums being "critical" and simply glean whatever value I can from the actual travelers on here.
  9. Initially there was a lot of hype on a separate section and beach for Yacht club. Now there seems to be no reference to that on the web site. Any insight?
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