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  1. That must be very frustrating. The combo of ocean and river sounds very good! I’m not sure-is this a relatively new option? Do you have a travel agent who can negotiate for you? Talking with the person with the highest authority could be helpful and sometimes a travel agent has more leverage than the rest of us. Good luck- I hope it all works out for you!
  2. Phillw1776 pretty much nailed it. There are a number of companies that do the St. Petersburg tour and do a good job. In Tallinn we did the Soviet Flashback and got a really informative understanding of the Soviet time. We, too, did the walk of Tallinn and thought it was great. The Grieg house and concert was nice- beautiful setting. We did a couple f the castle tours and thought Malbork was one of the best. Friends did the Berlin excursion and, as Phil says, very long day. When our friends did it a few years ago they were dropped off in town and were on their own. I would suggest you check if a guide is included or if you should arrange for a tour guide n your own. Our cruise started in Copenhagen and we went a few days early so we could get a little acclimated. Had a great time on a canal cruise, the Vasa museum, and other sites before boarding the ship. Helped with jet lag, too.
  3. Many tour guides and shops accept US currency, but it’s useful to have Euros. If you use dollars or euros in a country not in the EU, you’ll generally get change in that country’s currency. You can also use credit cards in many places, just be sure to register your trip with your credit card company.
  4. So happy to see you off and cruising again! I know you’ll find some great adventures and looking forward to reading about them. we are currently sailing to New Zealand after having been in Australia. Our first New Zealand stop, in Dunedin, was canceled due to high seas. Passing that by and going to Christchurch. Look forward to seeing you onboard sometime!
  5. At the time I wrote my original post, I took the wording directly from the website. I checked the wording of my post multiple times against the Opera House site before posting it. The Opera House may have changed the notice since my original post.
  6. I just wrote what was stated on the Sydney Opera House website. If it’s “hyperbolic” you might want to contact them and ask them to be more specific.
  7. The Sydney Opera House has just announced it will be closing in February 2020 for a major refurbishment. No reopening date has been provided as of now.
  8. We were on Viking Ocean for Easter one year- blow out decorations, beautiful service in the theater. Christmas should be delightful!
  9. Krisval

    Gluten Free

    We travel with a couple and the wife is allergic to a very long list of items. Our travel agent sends the list to Viking in advance and the chef or the restaurant manager meets with her each evening to review the next day’s menu to arrange for foods that work with her situation. They go way above and beyond to accommodate her situation.
  10. Thank you for such an enthusiastic review! So glad to read of your experience. A number of years ago we did a pre-cruise extension in Paris. Our experience was nowhere near as pleasant as yours and we have done our own pre- and post-extensions since. We now do our own research and planning for the pre and post activities and have had great experiences, but the Viking support would be nice at times.
  11. Agree, those temps can definitely fluctuate. I found the ones I listed as an average- I’m packing for best and worst scenario!
  12. Just a note about Alaska: the high temperature in Juneau from June -September ranges from low to mid-60s.
  13. Yes, the bedding is the same. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?
  14. Nothing requiring a lighter or match is sold onboard.
  15. To my knowledge Viking OBC is given by Viking as part of a promotion when you book your cruise (frequently done if you book a cruise while you’re on a cruise) or your travel agent may add OBC to your booking (a “gift” from them). I’m not familiar with OBC from specific credit cards or affiliations.
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