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  1. I'm guessing these questions have been covered, but haven't been able to find it yet. We are sailing Sky on the Western itinerary in a few weeks. Can anyone advise on which nights are Formal (I'm assuming Sunday night / first sea day ... but unsure of the second night). Also, I've read different things as to when Rock Opera is shown (probably special schedules during the Christmas and New Year's sailings). Can anyone give an update on current day shown / times? Thanks.
  2. I realize the chance of getting a place in the Sanctuary is pretty slim -- even if you go immediate upon boarding. But does anyone have additional info on the few cabanas that are outside of the Sanctuary (but still have the nice cushions etc.). I believe I saw photos posted here somewhere ? Are they reserved through the Sanctuary (ie same line?) Any experience as to whether they are easier to come by? Thanks!!
  3. Thank you. Always hoping that Princess will find a more civilized way to manage this. But alas...
  4. Thanks, all, for posting your current experiences on Sky. We are Platinum folks -- sailing in a few weeks. Could anyone confirm what the current arrangement is regarding Sanctuary reservations? Must they still be purchased immediately (run don't walk) upon boarding? Any sense of whether the full week is sold out immediately (our last experience) -- or whether half-days are actually available? Thanks for any feedback. Pedro's Girl
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