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  1. Great. This works with my current dining plans. Thank you.
  2. I also have dietary restrictions so I will enjoy the option of the Solarium for dinner.
  3. On the 8 night Anthem itineraries, what nights are the formal nights?
  4. I reserved the Solarium on the Anthem for several dinners on an upcoming cruise and it is no charge. There was a menu on the Royal website that I was able to view when I made the reservations. The choices did look good and healthy and the appetizers seemed to be more of a Mediterranean type of menu. I look forward to dining there.
  5. Well, this was not a surprise to RCI. They should have arranged for a better cruise port change. Miami is not an acceptable alternative especially since the prior port is Port Canaveral, another Florida port. I don't think I am being overly cynical. RCI made a calculated financial decision which has resulted in terrible customer service/satisfaction. This is a forum and I am just discussing what RCI has done. I have looked forward to this cruise for a long time and I still plan on enjoying this cruise and my life.
  6. Seeing how RCI purposely screwed up on missing Coco Cay, I don't have much faith they will effectively manage a ship full of passengers going to 2 locations by shuttle buses. I hope they prove me wrong and the lines won't be too bad.
  7. The vegetable/cheese lasagna is very good and filling. There is also a tomato stuffed with quinoa and vegetable that is very good. As mentioned above the vegetable pies and the everyday Indian choice are great. One of my favorite seafood choices is a seafood newburg type pasta dish loaded with scallops and shrimp. In the MDR, my favorite dessert is usually the butter pecan ice cream. There is plenty of choices as long as you are not picky. Enjoy.
  8. Great videos so far. I took this cruise in April and this will definitely be fun to watch. I think this was my favorite cruise on Carnival. St Lucia was my favorite port. Thanks for taking the time to post this video review.
  9. The party is a nice perk to have. The food and drinks are good. The short movie clip about Carnival and the ships is always nice to see. It is fun to talk with some of the crew attending the party. The live music is always good. Definitely go to the party and have a great time.
  10. Good to know you got to MIA without any delays. The wings, quesadillas and shrimp look especially good since I haven't had dinner yet. Enjoy MIA.
  11. I liked your Chef Table photos (my favorite photos were the two toned tomato soup and the beef ribs). I also liked your sunrise photos from your private deck. I once had a cabin on the private deck on the Triumph and it was great to hang out there and take in the sights. Regarding the wine you brought on board. I like the Apothic red. It is good to know there is an Apothic white. I will have to look out for it. Is the white on the sweet side or more like a chardonnay? Glad you had a great cruise. Time to book the next one. Thanks for taking the time to review your cruise. It was fun following you.
  12. Enjoy your birthday and enjoy your cruise. I look forward to following your cruise review.:cool:
  13. KW and Coz are both of my favorite ports. They both have plenty to do near the port without having to do an excursion. KW has Duval St and the surrounding areas that is close to the port. Coz has the port area shopping and is within walking distance to down town. I never did an excusion in KW but Coz has some great all inclusive beach excursions.
  14. Wow, that is awesome.:cool: Thanks for sharing.
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