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  1. There is a Freeport plan? Do you when it's due to be completed?
  2. There is a 4-nighter to Bermuda? Where does it leave from? How long were you in Bermuda?
  3. What exactly does a Spa interior cabin come with? Are the amenities worth paying $50 for 2 people more than an Ocean view cabin for a 5 day cruise? I already read there is no pool, but is there at least a hot tub in the spa area? What are the thermal suites like? Can you tell I am a spa virgin?
  4. I know people who were on this cruise and they share your sentiment. Their big complaint was also Royal didn't inform them of dropping Santiago until after final payment day and another complaint was there was NO announcement to tell them they could get off the ship after docking in Havana. They followed the rule to not to go down and block the gangway and waited 1 hour in their cabin and by the time they finally decided to go down to the lower deck to check they saw a massive line. It cost them 2 hours of precious time and that was after they already lost the entire day time because of the medical emergency. Other than those two they didn't seem to have any major complaints. The ship, the entertainment, the crew were all pretty good according to them. After they told me their experience I have decided to fly to Havana and take a land vacation instead. Major airlines do Cuba visas too, from $55 to $85 a pop. I can book a hotel or a private casa. I don't want to plan for 4 days in Cuba and end up with 2.
  5. I read somewhere on this site that the pier was damaged by a ship, could actually be Empress. As small as Empress is, she is the biggest ship docking in Santiago.
  6. Wow, that looks amazing! Thank you!
  7. In the US, the south. I have forgotten how cold winter is up north. Lol
  8. Me too! Go Pirates! Yes, there are some river cruises that begin and end in Pittsburgh. The Ohio river cruises go between St. Louis and Pittsburgh in the summer.
  9. Damn this is why even though there are quite a few good looking itineraries on Norwegian site I am not eager to book. In addition to the normal weather, sea condition problems they seem to have a very casual approach to itinerary changes. I was thinking to book last minute might be better but now I can see even 7 days out is too early. This is not a cruise line suitable for those who book for itineraries.
  10. I can bring either $1000 Canadian dollars or $800 US dollars to my days in Cuba. Which will get me more CUCs? The exchange rates are confusing me.
  11. How easy is it to get a Taxi after the show to go back to the cruise port? We don't need transportation to go to the show but need it for return to the ship.
  12. Could you let me know how long was the tour and how much did it cost? Did you take excursions or tours once you got to Viñales?
  13. Are convertible long pants ok? I know it's a cheeky question but we will be coming back from a long day tour with no time to go back to the ship to change and it would make it easier for hubby. If not allowed I will just tell him to pack an extra pair of long pants in his backpack. He will pout though.
  14. Is the Blexie tour a combo of 3 hr walking and 3 hr car or is it a 6 hr car tour?
  15. There is no aft access to deck 7 passenger hall ways on oasis any more?
  16. How about Oasis or Allure? Can you walk out at the end of deck 6 or 7? I currently have a balcony booked on Oasis deck 7 aft (but not the very last balcony). It would make my walk much shorter if I can walk out of the end of deck 7 to Aqua theater and the boardwalk.
  17. Some Holland America ships have a specialty restaurant called Tamarind that serves Asian food and is very popular. You might want to try. I agree though Thai food is like Chinese food, there is a huuuuuuge difference between good and bad ones.
  18. Wow that's so weird. I wonder who the other cruisers are. I mean we all have been there - our preferred cabin already taken but how often do you get to negotiate? At least they didn't just take it away from you without your consent.
  19. Darn did you say April 2019 Oasis? Is it among the ones that got canceled? I hope Royal credit it forward so you don't lose it.
  20. Don't like the new pricing scheme at all. I want refundable deposit but don't want perks and now I would be forced to pay for perks I don't need to get refundable. Time to find a good TA who can give me what I look for.
  21. Which ones are the high speed legs in eastern Caribbean?
  22. June sailings are thankfully 2 months away but I would be very worried if I were on one of the earlier May sailings in Europe too. I see the first May sailing is on May 5th, and I don't know if they can repair it in time and send the ship across the pond.
  23. It is free? That's cool. The one on Symphony is not free.
  24. Yep, all free! But it is better that you make reservations to ensure your spots.
  25. Hairspray Hiro 1977 Flights Comedy Late night comedy
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