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  1. Hi John, I can tell you the 25h Hotel at HafenCity ist a great place to stay with. It´s very close to the cruise terminal, the new HafenCity, Elbphiharmonie and the city Center. The week after the G20 conference there will be no hazzles in the City! But unfortnately Nowegian Jade will not call at HafenCity Cruise Terminal but at Cruise Terminal Altona where you have to go by cab. Peter
  2. Kruizefan

    CMV All inclusive drinks package

    Just 12,50 Pounds if you travel more than 70 nites as we do from Tilbury to Hong Kong in winter 2017.
  3. Kruizefan

    can you skip the first port?

    That should be no problem in Europe. You ask the company or just miss the boat. [emoji57] I once embarked HAL Prinsendam in Oslo instead of Dover. I had asked beforehand, no problem for the company! Gesendet von meinem Lenovo A816 mit Tapatalk
  4. Hi Suzanne, unfortunately the MSC Terminal at Steinwerder is about 5 mls or 7 km from the city center away. Cabs are about € 25 from the airport and to the cruise terminal "Steinwerder". Oops, there are three cruise terminals in Hamburg I would recommand the Radisson hotel as it is a scyscraper with lovely views all over the town. http://www.radissonblu.com/hamburg Grand Hyatt is the best of your hotels mentioned. Gesendet von meinem Lenovo A816 mit Tapatalk
  5. [quote name='steamboats']Cat, We had a Boardwalk Balcony on deck 8 (right over the Arcade). Someone who had the second last Boardwalk Balcony on deck 8 (also starboard) told me that they can overlook the whole Aqua Theater with no obstruction. steamboats[/QUOTE] We had an obstructed view from the third last cabin on deck 11. [IMG]http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160611/8a7364774a8ce17a5d389e08927bc073.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Kruizefan

    Boardwalk balcony on Oasis

    Here are 4 fotos to aft and one to the front view
  7. Kruizefan

    Boardwalk balcony on Oasis

    We've been now a week in BV #11325 and I must confirm it will block your view a bit! If one's not interested in slides (f.e. for kids) I would prefer Oasis or Allure. I did Abyss once. It's been not bad but won't do it again. Abyss has not been used a lot last week. So I didn't hear many screamings.
  8. Kruizefan

    Boardwalk balcony on Oasis

    I think #11329 will be fine, at least I hope so! In 22 days I will take pics from #11325! Gesendet von meinem Lenovo A816 mit Tapatalk
  9. #11325 We are really not amused! Gesendet von meinem Lenovo A816 mit Tapatalk
  10. Thank you for your mini review! We are looking forward to our cabin #11325 on Harmony May 29th Gesendet von meinem Lenovo A816 mit Tapatalk
  11. We loved deck 8 (D 7) on Oasis. Been often to Central Park but never on our verandah for bad weather on a TA in October 2014 This time we will try B2 deck 11 on the boardwalk sighting Aqua Theatre.
  12. 51 days until Harmony otS .
  13. Supposing you will call at Ostsee Terminal you can take a short walk to "Seegarten" bridge terminal and take the Ferry boat to "Laboe" by line F1 http://www.sfk-kiel.de/en/ferries/fjord/ Gesendet von meinem Lenovo A816 mit Tapatalk