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  1. Call me naive, but I have to think Ama will have to honor the original terms and conditions and contract that were in effect at the time you purchased the cruise. I think they would prefer to issue future cruise credits as that benefits them the most in terms of cash flow. I have to believe some of what they are putting out now is posturing and trying to convince people they have no other options. I just believe in the end, the original contract will have to be honored.
  2. I agree AF-1. This is another one of those wait and see things. I find it difficult to believe that Ama would not refund money for canceled cruises as that is specifically what the remedy is in both their terms and conditions and the passenger contract. I'm not familiar with Swiss law, which is where any disputes must be adjudicated, but I would be surprised if it is that different from our laws. Ama has not said they won't refund the money, they are just offering 115% as a future cruise credit. If some travel agent said they wouldn't refund the money, I would not consider that official AmaWaterways policy until they officially decline to do so, which would be a violation of their contract. I could't find anything in either the terms and conditions or the passenger contract that said they could change the terms and conditions after the fact.
  3. Class action lawsuits are prohibited by both the terms and conditions and the passenger contract that you agree to when booking the cruise. Only individual lawsuits are allowed.
  4. We're in the same boat. We have a June 8 Rhine river cruise scheduled with Ama. Am hoping things will have mostly resolved by then. We did purchase the $175 per person waiver, but are very disappointed that Ama seems to be the only cruise line charging for cancellations.
  5. It does seem so strange that AmaWaterways has elected to charge for this coverage. As far as I can determine, all other cruise lines appear to be offering cancellations for no charge. It would be helpful to understand AMA’s thinking. It seems out of character for them given their reputation for customer service.
  6. A couple of questions. Were you offered and did you purchase the recently offered $175 travel waiver which allows you to cancel for any reason and receive a credit for a future cruise? Did you purchase your airfare from AmaWaterways as part of the cruise package or buy it separate? Did you pay directly or through a credit card? Those with the travel waiver will receive a credit for a future cruise which includes the airfare if purchased through Ama. If you purchased airfare separately, the airlines are currently waiving change fees and allowing full credit against a future flight within one year. If you did not get the travel waiver, I would contact your travel agent to see why it wasn't offered to you. If you turned it down, then it could be more difficult. If you charged it to a credit card, they may be able to help with a refund of some sort. Obviously if the government restricts flights to Europe or puts a hard ban on cruises then AmaWaterways will, in my opinion, have to accommodate their customers in some way, since the customer has no control over the cancellation.
  7. We have a Rhine River cruise booked on Ama in June and are following the issues with the coronavirus quite closely. In reviewing the recent Cruise Critic article about the temporary cancellation policies that the cruise lines have put in place, I noticed two things. First, Ama Waterways was not included in the comprehensive list of cruise lines mentioned, just as it has no dedicated board. Why is that? Second, it appears that almost all of the other cruise lines are offering cancellation capability with credit for a future cruise at no additional cost. Ama Waterways is offering what appears to be the same cancellation capability but are charging $175 for it. Given Ama's reputation for customer service I would have expected them to be leading the way in this area, not charging customers more for the same thing other cruise lines are offering for no charge. I wonder why they decided to charge for this.
  8. We booked a Rhine cruise in June from Amsterdam to Basel. AMA came up with the best price on the business class airfare that I could find by a couple hundred dollars. Plus, once the reservation is made you can access it online through the airlines website or app and modify seating, etc.
  9. The Magna is the flagship of the Ama fleet and was new last year. It was named Best River Cruise Ship by several different groups. So, I'm sure there is a premium for sailing on her. While you may get a cheaper rate (although I doubt it would be significantly cheaper) you won't find a better ship. Although almost all of Ama's ships are rated very high.
  10. Thanks for your insights everyone. We've decided to go ahead and book the post-cruise 4-night Lucerne/Zurich package. It will be simpler and probably better value than trying to book things independently. We were looking at staying at the Grand Hotel in Lucerne for two nights ($700 per night per deluxe lake view room) plus the transfers from the ship to the hotel in Lucerne and to the Zurich airport from the hotel (about $800 total for the three of us) plus whatever the cost of the tours we did. We were just concerned about doing four nights after doing the cruise, but I guess while you there you should see what you can see. The hotels we ended up with were the Astoria in Lucerne and the Sheraton in Zurich. In my opinion, these are not "similar" to the Schweiserkopf in Lucerne which is what Ama advertises but certainly are nice hotels.
  11. Sue, did you do the post-cruise package in Lucerne & Zurich. We're trying to decide whether to do that or arrange our own thing. Most concerned about the hotels. Thanks.
  12. When I was on the Sun last month, I thought the quality of the ribeye was poor, made worse by over cooking it.
  13. @karena0315 Here is the latest State Department travel advisory for Mexico. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/mexico-travel-advisory.html
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