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  1. Sunshine is going to Princess Cays and overnight in Nassau.😢
  2. We are sailing from Charleston to Bermuda this Sunday to arrive on Weds. If Jerry follows the predicted path, I’ll bet we won’t sail there.
  3. Thank you PelicanBill. We are on Carnival Sunshine sailing Sunday to arrive in Bermuda on Weds. I wonder where they might send us if we cannot safely sail there.
  4. Brina424, Check our the Windy app if you haven’t used it. Looks like you could leave Bermuda before the storm comes in, and travel back to NJ away from its track. I think you will be fine. Royal will make an intelligent decision. I think they have their own meteorologist!
  5. Gah! What thread? What is worse?
  6. Jerry is now the new storm. What is the other active thread to follow here?
  7. PelicanBill, thank you for reporting this info. I am sailing to Bermuda on Sunday from Charleston. We are scheduled to arrive Weds am. Can you post info about the next storm that might be approaching Bermuda after Humberto when time gets closer? I am wondering where we might go if the ship is diverted. Maybe the cruise will be canceled?
  8. I bought 2 pillows from Carnival. They are great quality.
  9. Pride and Sunrise have both had changes as of today per John Heald.
  10. I am wondering about this also.
  11. Sailing Sunshine September 22 to Bermuda. Where might they send us if the storm hits Bermuda?
  12. We are sailing on Sunshine from Charleston on September 22 with 2 sea days and then an overnight in Bermuda. There looks to be two hurricanes headed right on a bullseye to Bermuda. If our ship is diverted, where might we go? Thanks.
  13. Heather, I get an email from Carnival telling me that the credit was applied to our account. I never see it on the booking , though. In the past, I have called Carnival to make sure it is on there. It always has been applied. I also screenshot the email in case I have to go to guest services, but after 10 or so cruises, there’s not ever a problem.
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