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  1. Don't forget to stop in at Save a Gato :) Just got off Adventure Saturday morning. Rebooked today for another B2B next year going out in January. I saw the cabin wasn't attached to the rest and it amused me. 8237. Only pictures I can find are off Explorer and if its similar it looks nice. Hoping I have a pod cabin just off in the middle of nowhere 😄
  2. I board her next Saturday. Soooo cannot wait. I'm trying this key thing for the first week only since its more sea day heavy. I'll have more use of the internet and private times for the Wall and such.
  3. Wow that sucks-I love the outdoor seating area. It was one of my favourite places to have lunch.
  4. Ahh thank you. Not sure if its worth going up $400 for just me to a balcony...might call and see what a Prom. room would cost me. As long as I'm on the ship I'm happy 😄
  5. I wish mine had the option of going up to a better inside cabin on a higher deck or a Prominade cabin.
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