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  1. This being my 5th Super Bowl cruise in the last 6 years I can tell you that what preparations for the game that are done seem to depend on the staff of the ship. I've had cruise director staff that had burgers/dogs, nachos, popcorn etc... along with some Super Bowl themed games, decorations etc... Other ships have seem ill prepared for the game. I'll be on this cruise as well. This whole event is going to be all tossed on its ear this time; no PATS and will not be in the Caribbean yet. It will be a little cold to sit outside to watch this one.
  2. Pete, Thank you for some AWESOME photos! I leave in 2 weeks for the same trip! You gave me a great idea of what to expect. Now I'm really chomping at the bit.
  3. I was on the Breakaway last year and the entertainment in Syd Norman's was PHENOMENAL. I went to see them every night. 60's, 70's & 80's music. The best entertainment that I have ever had on a cruise. I am actually disappointed that my upcoming cruise on Bliss has the Beatles cover band and not Syd Norman's Pour House. Don't get me wrong, I will enjoy the Beatles covers, but, I will miss the group at Syd Norman's; especially the members of that particular lineup.
  4. I have not cruised on the Sun, but I have cruised on three past NCL cruises during the Super Bowl and on on RCCL. In all cases the game is showed just about everywhere. In NCL's case, they even provided snacks and had some game themed items hanging and casino games (squares etc...). I have read in the past that whether the game is on or not is up the the Cruise Director, but I would be hard pressed to thing a CD would not play it; at least a US departed ship.
  5. Something else to consider that I have read somewhere... cell phone. When was the last time you wiped your cell phone down? Think of how often you touch/handle your phone, where you place it, what the circumstances are in which you use it? Willing to guess many carry/handle phone for communication/pics (all of the pictorial reviews people post) and have not/did not wipe phone down before handling and then eating.
  6. So do you think it will be $398 for the two week cruise for a full cruise pass?
  7. I would make sure that you print out that email and start the calls. Couple years ago a buddy secured a block of room on RCCL and was given a quote with some very favorable prices ($1,000 total for balcony, Freedom of the Seas, 8 night). When he called to start booking rooms they tried to deny him that price, but, because they sent the info out initially they had to honor it. If you received an email that showed a discount and "paid in full" I would guess you would have a very good argument an ammunition to demand that they honor the price. Their mistake, not yours.
  8. I actually just found this hotel and I think that is where I'll get a room. Walk to the pier works for me. Now I'm just trying to figure out the best transportation from the airport to the hotel.
  9. I have been searching for information and I'm finding bits and pieces but not exactly what I'm looking for. Sailing Bliss 2/2 and I'm seriously looking at flying the day before. I am taking advantage of NCL free air promo flying from Providence. I looked into getting the hotel trough NCL and having the transfer adjusted. I was given a price of $235 per person for the hotel and a price change on the transfer of $40 per. It would make for a $550 charge just to stay the night. I little bit outrageous. Now I'm trying to figure out my best options of pre trip hotels, potentially with ride to pier. As I understand things, the flight will be into Newark. I know that there are hotels in NJ that have park/stay options with transport. Any and all suggestions appreciated. I figure I can make arrangements on board for a NCL transfer to airport for return. Neil
  10. Suites meant something on the ships prior to the Breakaway class (maybe even Epic). Suites on Jewel class and prior had perks. After that, just the bigger bathroom. At least on RCCL a suite has perks. That said, I still prefer NCL. Of my 10 cruises, 7 have been with NCL and I have for the most part had a much better time on NCL.
  11. Folks, lets not forget that this is the same cruise line that touts their "unlimited" drink package that LIMITS you to drinks that cost less than $15. Anything over that you have to pay for including the 20% gratuity. Last time I checked, unlimited, meant NO LIMITS! Just food for thought!
  12. For the Pats last four trips to the Big Game I have been on a cruise ship. '15 & '17 I was on the Getaway; they won! '18 I made a poor decision and was on another line; they lost 😞 Last year on the Breakaway!! They won! I have just booked a trip on the Bliss leaving Super Bowl Sunday. I have my Tedy Bruschi jersey already packed to watch the Pats play. So to answer your question, in the past anyway, the game has been on. I know that I will personally throw the cruise director and anyone else over board that would be responsible for the game not being played. Go Pats!!
  13. I guess it would all depend on which one of you in the avatar is talking about being naked... just saying.
  14. Jay, I'll give you info on how I currently understand things. In my case I'll use Woodford Reserve bourbon as my example in that it's price jumped up to $22.95. If I order my Manhattan with Woodford as i usually would, I would have to pay the difference in price from the $15 max on the UBP package including the now 20% gratuity. $7.95 + $1.59 (gratuity) = $9.54 for my drink. If you currently have the UBP, you could "upgrade" to their new package for $29 per person per day plus 20% gratuity for what appears to be an almost truly unlimited package that will include fresh juices, energy drinks, specialty coffees etc... In my case for my upcoming cruise I could pay $29 + $5.80 (20%) = $34.80 per person per day. In my case $69.60 x 11 days = $765.60 for an 11 day cruise. This is in addition to the "beverage service charge" of $435.60 for the "FREE" perk for an "UNLIMITED" drink package that limits what you can drink and limits you to $15 drinks. I may have my figures and facts wrong so please feel free to correct. This cruise will be the litmus test as to whether I continue to stick with NCL. I
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