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  1. On most of the ships there is no outlet by the bed. The phone number for special needs is (866) 592-7225. I just talked to them last week for the same needs. Carolyn
  2. I always purchase the insurance at the time of booking to get the pre-existing conditions waiver. I only pay for the insurance to cover the deposit. Then as I add payments later, I increase the value of the policy and pay the additional premium. I did not originally know that I did not have to insure the total cost to begin with, so I am passing along this tip. I do not know if all insurers allow you to do this. Carolyn
  3. I have used Travel Insured International for USAA members. They have two policies. The most expensive one has more coverage and is primary. The second policy has lower, but still good, coverage. It is secondary, but you can pay a fee of only $25 to make it a primary coverage policy. They are not cheap, but I have had good luck with them. I have had to file a few small claims (medical care onboard) with them, and they have been handled very rapidly. The cost increases with age. At one time I looked into annual policies, and the ones I reviewed were all secondary coverage. I may have missed some that are primary. Also, the insurance through Celebrity is secondary, and has very low limits. Carolyn
  4. I think you can have it done at the pier if you want to. I saw some people having pictures taken. Carolyn
  5. It seems to me that the B2B procedures vary by port. In the US I have had to leave the ship in a group and get back on. In European ports we usually have not had to leave the ship. Once in England the ship provided a fee excursion for those that wanted to take it. Carolyn
  6. I had the new smaller safe on the Edge, and it opened without my having to give it a hand. My guess is there was a problem with yours, and they are not all like that. I agree, I don't like the size. Carolyn
  7. I always buy insurance. To me it is important that the medical insurance be primary rather than secondary. If it is secondary you must submit to your health insurance first; if they deny the claim then the travel insurance will pay. Since I am on Medicare, and I know they will not pay, having to submit a claim to them would only delay the reimbursement process. I don't know about other cruise lines, but the insurance through Celebrity is secondary. Carolyn
  8. I was in cabin 10145 on the Edge, so on port side while you will be on starboard side. This is a great location, and the bed does face the ocean. The window from the bathroom is over the bed, so you can look at the sea from the bathroom if you choose to do so. This location is close enough to the forward elevators that you can easily get to the Retreat Lounge, pool area, and Luminae. I think you will love the Edge. Have a great time. Carolyn
  9. I would go with the Sky Suite. Food is very personal, but I like Luminae better than Blu. I was in a Sky Suite on Edge and loved it. It was very spacious, had tons of storage, and had a regular balcony. One of my favorite features was the mirror in the bathroom that could be opened to become a window looking out to the sea. If you decide on a Sky Suite, I would recommend one that is at midship or forward. I usually like aft cabins, but on these ships all the amenities for suites are far forward. My friends had an aft Sky Suite, which has been their favorite, and they said they would not book that again on Edge class ships. It was a long walk to the Retreat lounge and pool and Luminae. Additionally the cabin configuration was not as nice as my cabin. I was a few cabins behind the forward elevators, and it was very convenient. I think having all 4 perks and all the suite amenities is worth the extra cost. Whichever you choose, I hope you have a great cruise. Carolyn
  10. While you have to be out of the cabin by 8:00 am, I think you can stay on the ship until around 9:00. Carolyn
  11. The main thing missing in the aft S1s is the mirror/window in the bathroom that opens to allow you to view the ocean from the bathroom. In the port and starboard cabins ( I don't know if this is true of all the cabins, but was in mine) the bed is on the wall of the bathroom (looking out to sea), and this window is above the bed and above the sink in the bathroom. It's a nice feature, but it may not make up for the larger balcony in the aft S1s. I was on the port side and the balcony was very small. on the Edge all the suite amenities (Luminae, the Retreat, and pool area) are far forward, so it is a very long walk from the aft cabins. Carolyn
  12. I booked through Celebrity Air many months ago for round trip to Buenos Aires in January, 2020. I was able to go to the American website and select my seats the same day I made the flight reservation. I don't know if it makes any difference, but my ticket is first class. Celebrity Air should give you a record locator number for the airline, and you then can go there directly and select seats. Carolyn
  13. I do agree with you that I loved the Edge and that pictures do not do it justice. I cannot address the issue of the IV because I was in a Sky Suite--and it was the best Sky Suite I have ever had.
  14. This would be very good news, and I hope correct. It is easy for me to believe that my friend was given incorrect information. To clarify wording, she was told that a move up would not get the "benefits" or Captain's Club points of the new category of cabin. I hope you will let us know the straight scoop from first person experience. This issue would be a major factor in determining whether making a move up offer is worth it.
  15. Just to clarify, I was not talking about booking a RS versus a CS. I was referring to originally booking a CS and then having a "move up'" offer to RS accepted.
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