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  1. This is one example of how Celebrity (and probably other cruise lines) does not know how to deal with singles or friends traveling together. If you share cabins, they only really recognize one person. Three of us booked a Penthouse Suite, and all of the communication goes to one person. If one person in the suite wants to take the cruise line insurance, all three of us must take it. It's easier to not share a cabin. But, of course, more expensive. Carolyn
  2. One of the notices I read from Celebrity said that if the cruise booked with FCC was less than the amount of the FCC, another FCC would be issued for the excess. Of course, their rules change almost daily, so this may not be the case now. Carolyn
  3. If the price is right for you, I would definitely upgrade to the RS. It is a wonderful cabin with a lot of space and many amenities. All the amenities would be a significant cost if purchased individually. On M class the RS does not have the extra .5 bath; the S class does have it. I still prefer the M class because you can access the bathroom and closet without having to go through the bedroom. On S class you have the .5 bath out in the living area, but have to go into the full bath and closet through the bedroom. Both are great!
  4. No, I believe they are the same spot.
  5. I, too, have been in a Sky Suite and dropped off my luggage (and my body) in the suite check in spot.
  6. I had an S1 cabin. I asked for, and got, a lounger. I don't think there is enough space for two loungers.
  7. I would call the special needs department ahead of time to request these items since they are medically needed. If they don't provide them, then ask the cabin steward. Phone number is 866/592-7225 Carolyn
  8. I always call special needs before the cruise. Most of the time the distilled water and extension cord is in the cabin when I arrive. If not, I ask the cabin steward. This is also how I get a sharps container since I take an injectable medication. I've never had any issue getting these things. Carolyn
  9. When I was there in 2017 the shuttle cost was $20. Carolyn
  10. I have previously used Butler's Buses for small group tours in Ireland. I don't know about private tours, but I think they can do them. I don't have a link, but they should be easy to find. Carolyn
  11. I have been on both ships this year, and you cannot go wrong with either one. I loved the Edge and appreciated how different the decor, etc. is from the Equinox. However, since you do not have prior experience with Celebrity ships, the difference would not be noticeable for you. For balconies, some people do not like the Infinite Veranda on Edge. I was in a Sky Suite so I had a regular veranda, but I'm sure I would like the Infinite Veranda. I think having 4 main dining rooms on the Edge is a great feature. They are each smaller than the usual dining rooms and have a variety of menus. The crew is exceptional on both ships. Equinox is my favorite S class ship and Edge is my favorite ship overall. I don't know of a reason for there to be a problem with any cabins on decks 6 & 7. It is best to have cabins above and below you. If there is any issue with motion sickness, midship is best. I personally prefer aft cabins, but they do not suit everyone. If your cabin is aft on either ship, it is a long walk to the elevators. Happy sailing. You will have a great experience no matter which ship you choose. Carolyn
  12. A few years ago I downgraded from Concierge to Family Veranda (while this is a better cabin, it is still considered a regular veranda rather than Concierge), and all they did was switch my cabin. I did not cancel and rebook. I still paid the higher fare, but that was fine with me. I cannot remember if this was after final payment, but I think it was. Of course, Celebrity changes the rules every other minute ๐Ÿ˜ Carolyn
  13. I always purchase the insurance at the time of booking to get the pre-existing conditions waiver. I only pay for the insurance to cover the deposit. Then as I add payments later, I increase the value of the policy and pay the additional premium. I did not originally know that I did not have to insure the total cost to begin with, so I am passing along this tip. I do not know if all insurers allow you to do this. Carolyn
  14. I have used Travel Insured International for USAA members. They have two policies. The most expensive one has more coverage and is primary. The second policy has lower, but still good, coverage. It is secondary, but you can pay a fee of only $25 to make it a primary coverage policy. They are not cheap, but I have had good luck with them. I have had to file a few small claims (medical care onboard) with them, and they have been handled very rapidly. The cost increases with age. At one time I looked into annual policies, and the ones I reviewed were all secondary coverage. I may have missed some that are primary. Also, the insurance through Celebrity is secondary, and has very low limits. Carolyn
  15. I think you can have it done at the pier if you want to. I saw some people having pictures taken. Carolyn
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