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  1. I contacted the vendors to request for a cancellation of the excursions and requested for refunds since we are way out side of the penalty window for cancellation. However, one vendor suggested to issue a future voucher/ gift card and another said to put me on a list of people who requested for refund. At this point, we don’t know when we would take a vacation to Alaska, so I respectfully asked for a refund of our prepayments and an estimate timeline when I would receive the refunds. Following up with both vendors twice, but none have responded. These excursions are expensive especially the bear viewing, a few hundred dollars per person. I understand that these businesses are impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But so is my family. We prepaid thousands of dollars for our trip, the invoice says we can cancel up to 30 days for a full refund less 5% processing fees. But now they don’t want to refund us. Anyone has experienced any issues with your cancellations/ refunds? Not sure what my bank could do in this case.
  2. You need to cancel through your travel agency. Someone mentioned in another forum that the travel agency you used posted a form on their website for customer to submit a request for cruise cancellation.
  3. That's what the TA suggested me to do. I called the bank today and the rep I spoke with said that she had handled a few cases just like mine recently. The payments are still pending transactions, so the bank could not dispute. I will have to call back when it's posted to my account.
  4. Thank you. I don't know who will be our next TA, but I will definitely not go back this TA.
  5. Yes, the TA admitted that it was an error on her part.
  6. That’s a great benefit. Next time when we cruise again I’ll consider this option. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I have cancelled my family’s Alaskan cruise in July. At first we wanted to wait another month since the final payment date got moved to 60 days prior. However, the airline offered no fee cancellation until the end of April, for a full refund in a form of future travel credits. This is a huge advantage for us since our air tickets were expensive and non-refundable. Tonight I went ahead and cancelled the cruise. What did not work out well is that, even though the final payment date was moved, my travel agent did not updated our account, and they charged my credit card for the balance of the cruise. Even though I called my travel agent when the payment was still a pending transaction, it was too late. Princess already got the money. Now, I have to wait 60 days to get the refund. My travel agent told me to contact the credit card company and request a dispute to get a refund faster. Not sure how that would work, but I’ll call the bank tomorrow and let them know the situation.
  8. Our cruise to Alaska (first Alaskan cruise) is in July. I think (and hope) this virus will die down soon. I am not overly concerned about it, and neither my teenage children. However, hubby thinks differently and said if the issue is not getting better by final payment date (April), he wants us to cancel the trip.
  9. We want to try seafood (lobsters and crabs) restaurants in downtown Vancouver. One of the place that I came across is The Holy Crab. A lot of places advertise seafood but they have more of oysters and shrimps, not lobsters/ crabs. What other restaurants do you recommend around downtown Vancouver? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thanks. I meant I want to prepay for specialty restaurant for my family and relatives in my cruise personalizer even if they are not in my stateroom.
  11. When making reservation for specialty restaurants can I pay for all guests including those who are in separate staterooms (reservations)? Thank you.
  12. We consider staying at Pan Pacific. Are there any near-by (walkable) restaurants outside of the hotel? Also, do we need to book a cruise package in order to get our luggage transferred directly to the port? Thank you.
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