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  1. I read somewhere recently that it's 25 days for Haven, 21 days for general public
  2. I did see that one, but that's too long for us. My kids will already be missing 3 days of school, can't do more...
  3. I am trying for a Caribbean cruise for Oct 2023 because it works with my kids school schedule. I see there are cruises out for later in 2023 and 2024, but not October. Any reason there is a blackout for that month? Maybe they'll come out later? We've done 4 Oct cruises in the past, and they have them scheduled for this year October, so I know it's not that they just don't cruise the caribbean then... I know there is plenty of time, but I'm antsy lol.
  4. I have sailed Carnival and NCL multiple times each. As far as experience, I feel like a newer ship on NCL and a newer ship on Carnival are pretty much the same. We choose your-time dining on Carnival, and the food seems similar in caliber for both. The price on the front end is more expensive with NCL, but I like the freedom the Free-at-Sea gives me. I wouldn't pay for a drink package on Carnival, I'm not much of a drinker at home, but I like the ability to get a drink when I feel like it on vacation. When I was on Carnival, I would find myself limiting what drinks I would get, because they are $$$. I once graphed out what apples-to-apples would be on the two lines, and I felt like NCL was a better deal for us. Even if I'm still paying for the package in the increased price of the cruise, I can pay it ahead and not worry about it.
  5. My son is turning 18 two weeks before we sail on Encore. He's bummed that he won't be able to meet kids his age in Entourage programs. Does NCL have any events for "kids" his age?
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