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  1. I just like to have as much prepaid as possible. There's no rational reason. It just helps me to relax while on the cruise.
  2. I have prepaid gratuities by calling. I have not seen an online option.
  3. Match Game 72

    New to MSC

    We have cruised MSC in the Med and Caribbean. The MDR menu in the Caribbean is a little bit Americanized. For example, you will find New York cheesecake. Chocolate chip cookies were not to be found in the Med, but they are plentiful in the Caribbean.
  4. I'm really enjoying all your photos and descriptions. Sounds like you were a real sport when it came to recovering your bag. Glad it all worked out.
  5. Match Game 72

    New to MSC

    This is a broad topic, but I'll try to provide a few comparisons. MSC servers tend to wait for you to call them over. My husband likes this kind of service better than RCCL or Carnival where we were often approached multiple times an hour when on the pool deck. The passengers tend to be more diverse with many from Europe. My son liked meeting kids from other countries at the kids club. Even with a language barrier, they figured out how to play together. I find that they offer a good value for our cruise dollar. We can cruise in a balcony for the price of an ocean view on other lines. Hope this helps.
  6. When we repurchased the activity card on the Seaside, it was only on my husband's card. There was no separate card, and the same purchase could not be added to other cards in the same cabin.
  7. Thanks for all the pictures. Looks fantastic and I can't wait for our turn in a few weeks.
  8. We have cruised in Fantastica on Divina and Seaside and Sinfonia in the Med. We love their price value for our family of three. Kids, even a teen, is fairly inexpensive to add to a booking. And the teen club is a tremendous amount of fun. I liked that our Caribbean MSC experience made us comfortable to book with them in Europe. After 3 cruises, we know the level of service to expect and it suits us nicely.
  9. Will you be sailing from a US port or European or other? The answer depends on the itinerary.
  10. 1. I have experienced wifi on MSC and NCL. They are comparable in terms of speed. MSC costs less. You may pre-order it online before you sail. 2. Yes, you can expect colored tags. We had a late flight out of Barcelona and stayed on the ship in a public area a little while after all the colors were called. No one rushed us off the ship. 3. Imho staying on the ship is very enjoyable. I met some folks who had taken a relatively cheap HOHO bus and enjoyed it. Maybe that would be a comfortable option?
  11. Yes, there was an Orange Party in the Crow's Nest. We saw the waiters setting up for it, but we did not stay. Some other passengers were early. They were wearing casual clothing. My son went to the Crow's Nest during the party. He was offered a small lobster roll.
  12. The kitchen tour was listed in the daily planner, and it was complimentary. There was no registration for it. People gathered on the lower level of the MDR. We were asked to fill out a health form and then divided into groups of 20 people. It looked like about 70 people took the tour. Have a great trip, and safe travels!
  13. This was our second Canadian/New England cruise. My husband and I went on the Little Blue Boat 20 years ago. I may be biased because we live in Maine, but it really is a lovely area with lots of friendly people.
  14. While we really liked the service and food quality on HAL, I doubt we would book another cruise with them in the near future. The limited hours and activities at the kids club, The Loft, was a deal breaker for us. Coupled with the poor condition of our cabin, we feel we could get a better value from other cruise lines. Thanks to everyone who posts on CC. Your advice was invaluable for planning this trip. And feel free to ask me any questions as well. 🙂
  15. That evening included packing, our last wonderful dinner in the MDR, and a final drink at the Crow's Nest. There was no towel animal to say farewell. HAL allows guests to select their disembarkation time. We tried to have breakfast in the MDR, but was told it would be a wait since they were out of tables. So, it was the buffet for the final breakfast. I liked that HAL allows you to keep your carry-ons in the cabin while you have breakfast. Our actual departure time was exactly as planned. Uber and Lyft service the Boston port. There is also a cell phone waiting lot if you have a friend picking you up. We took a Lyft ($11) to North Station and used Amtrak's Downeaster to travel to Portland, ME.
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