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  1. tofusmom

    Favorite foods on RCCL

    fruit soups in MDR - both the roasted peach and the strawberry, yummy.
  2. tofusmom

    test photo ac

    checking photo
  3. tofusmom

    Cooking Class VS Salsa Salsa Margarita???

    My husband and I did the Salsa, Salsa, Margarita last year and had a great time. They set you up with the ingredients and each couple works together to make their own salsa (several different types). They also are very generous with the margaritas:D. I enjoyed it very much and would do it again. Ann
  4. tofusmom

    Are we missing something?

    I was just browsing through the boards while waiting for dinner to finish cooking and mentionined the price drops to my husband. He called our travel agent and we just saved 375.00 on our January 17, 2013 cruise on the Navigator out of New Orleans. Cruise Critic is awesome.:D Ann
  5. tofusmom

    Favorite ___ on Navigator of the Seas?

    I bet the riverfront will be beautiful in December with all the Christmas lights! We are in the Marriott Convention Center, from what I have read it is convenient to port and the French quarter. Did you get a decent rate for parking? Back to the original post question. What do I like best about the Navigator? It is a RCL cruise ship and I will be on it in January. Yeah!! Ann
  6. tofusmom

    Favorite ___ on Navigator of the Seas?

    We took the same Freedom cruises two years in a row, now we are following you over to the Navigator out of NOLA in January. It is a six hour drive for us. Let us know if you have any recommendations for restaurants, we are driving in on Thursday prior to cruise. Thanks, Ann
  7. tofusmom

    What to do in Cozumel??

    Which beach/resort was it? Why didn't you have enough time for the beach? Thanks in advance, Ann
  8. tofusmom

    Royal Caribbean - Salsa, Salsa & Margaritas (CZM3)

    Just booked it today. Would love to hear from someone who has done this. Ann
  9. I was on the Jewel in January; the chlorine in the hot tub in the solarium was overwhelming. I went twice at different times and could not stay in more than 5 minutes. I made sure to rinse my black swimsuit out immediately because I was afraid of fading as well. I have never been in a hot tub with that strong of a chemical odor. Ann
  10. tofusmom

    What do you absolutly have to bring to the pier ?

    On our last trip; a young lady behind us in the security line did not have her set sail pass and they would not let her in. The rest of her group was ahead of her and I know they eventually got it sorted out, but she and the rest of her group seemed very upset. Not a good way to start your vacation. Ann
  11. tofusmom

    Is Oatmeal offered for breakfast?

    I normally have oatmeal at home too. On my last cruise I decided to have it on the last day before leaving the ship. They served it in the MDR with a side cup of brown sugar and a side cup of raisins that you mix in yourself. It was so good; I wish I had discovered it earlier. Ann
  12. That was the theme of our cruise.:o We had the early seating dinner 6:00. We were seated at a table for 10; while everyone was very nice and we had some great conversations, I prefer the round tables for six or eight. The MDR was very loud and there was no way the couples on opposite ends of the table could talk without having to shout. When I was in the middle of the table; it was kind of like a tennis match because there were two conversations happening at once. The service was very good but not up to par with the service we had on the Freedom last year. I am not sure what was going on but the waiter and assistant waiter did not seem in sync with each other. My husband and I both has the prime rib, I thought it was great. I asked for the mushroom pasta instead of the potato for the side dish (no problem). For dessert I had the chocolate mousse. Note: if you like Splenda for your coffee or tea, put a few packets in your pocket. While you may get it eventually if you ask, I think they lock it away somewhere because it takes a while. This was a minor thing but can't the waiter just keep some in his pocket, especially after the first night. My husband had to wait on it every night. After dinner we went to the Welcome Aboard Show. I didn't much care for the comic. His name was David Orion and IMO his act was a bit stale. After the show, we went to the casino a bit before retiring for the evening. It was a wonderful, exhausting day and we were asleep by midnight. Ann
  13. tofusmom

    FOS Review - January 15-22, 2012

    I think one of us has the wrong countdown. Weren't you just on the Jewel for the four day that left on 01-12? Ann
  14. tofusmom

    FOS Review - January 15-22, 2012

    I love this ship. Was Graham Seymour the CD? Did you see any shows? Thanks, Ann
  15. We were in cabin 4550. Our bags were waiting when we got to the cabin at 1:15. We decided to do ocean view for short trips and balconies for longer trips. The headboard of the bed was against the porthole so you had to climb on the bed to see out of the porthole. I have seen the bed in a different configuration in other people's post. I think I would like to be able to stand and look out. Maybe we will try one of those the next short cruise. I enjoy being awakened by the natural light, though. Our cabin was very convenient to the Centrium Lounge and the MDR. In the evenings after I got ready for dinner, I would go out to the lounge and get a drink and listen to music while my husband got ready. I enjoyed watching the other couples having fun out of the dance floor. Even on 70's night when it was crazy out there; we did not hear anything in our cabin. Storage was good and we love RC beds. The television was not a flatscreen but it was fine. Used it to keep tabs on our spending. We had OBC from TA and from RC visa card, they both showed up the second day. Room steward was very good, 1 towel animal for 4 night cruise. I don't care much about these and prefer they just concentrate on being sure the families with young children get them instead. Unpacked and spent the rest of the time until muster drill resting in the cabin. Muster drill was on deck 5 for us; when we were on Freedom last year they scanned our sea passes. On the Jewel we just stood in our area and watched the guy demonstrate the life jacket. I did not see them do a count or anything. One couple actually boarded the ship while we doing the drill. Talk about cutting it close. It was congested when we finished; so we just walked around deck 5 for a while, my husband liked watched the big freighter's and tug boats at work. Next up dinnertime. Ann