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  1. Google cannot seem to help me. Where can i find a kids compass (adventure ocean) for a 5 night on Indy out of Ft Lauderdale? I found one for 2014 which wont work.
  2. I am thinking of booking a tour post cruise to see the Flamingo Gardens in Ft Lauderdale. The blurb says book flights after 4. Our flight is 3:38. Is that too tight? How much cushion do they build? We have clear and precheck so security *should* be quicker than your average guest. We are leaving from Miami and the tour drops us off at the airport.
  3. I will be traveling with my husband and my newly 5 year old twins on Indy out of FT Lauderdale. My son loves "crocagators" so I booked us one of the airboat tours through RCCL on departure day with airport drop off. The writeup says not to book a flight before 2:30. The next flight isn't till 6:47. Honestly I figure they will have us a the airport by 1:30 or so and that will be a lot of time to kill with 2 overstimulated overtired kids. My other option would be to fly in a day early and do the tour on my own (which flight wise is actually cheaper), so that makes the flight home at 1:45. I haven't cruised since the twins were born so I dont recall the day of departure details. What time do you have to be out of your room in the morning? Will the let us hang in our room till 8 or 9 and then go get some breakfast and then leave the boat 10ish? I figure a slow morning vs a "hurry up and wait" morning will cause less crankiness for all of us.
  4. Can i put it in the checked bags or do I have to physically carry it until the room is ready? The website implies the latter and Im hoping the former since I also have to wrangle two preschoolers. lol
  5. I tried the search and it doesnt like me! lol. I have never brought food or drinks on board, but I am bringing my 4 year old twins on their first cruise. They are going to need their familiar snacks and drinks (goldfish, juice boxes, pouches... standard kid fare). I wasn't planning on bringing more than a backpack onboard, but the rccl website says it must be in carryon. How does this work?
  6. My twins will be 4.5 when we sail. We are looking at disney, but as we all know, royal is half the price so we have to consider it. My husband and I are platinum on royal so we have know the ins and outs for adults pretty well, but kids are a whole new thing. Is there enough to keep 4.5 year olds happy in the kids club on royal ship? Or do we stick with disney till they are a bit older? Im assuming the newer ships have more by way of little kids stuff. Which ships should i be looking into? We are thinking late August of this year right before they enter 5 day a week pre-k.
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