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  1. Yesterday was a very bad day for the US Stock market...blamed on the spread of the virus.
  2. As all performers in the mentioned shows are part of the ship’s crew, I doubt there was any financial reason behind you not having the shows. I would expect it was one of three reasons...1-Sea conditions made doing the shows impossible, 2-Some kind of a malfunction in the theater which precluded the performance, or 3-A changing over of casts which necessitated a reduced performance schedule.
  3. You gotta feel for what Royal is going through and how this is affecting their business. This is going to cost them a lot of $$$!
  4. Before our last cruise I’d say definitely Giovani’s because of some bad service issues at Chops, but this last time it was the other way around, and Chops was great and Giovani's just so so. Hard to tell.
  5. This is very true. One afternoon on the Liberty, somebody rolled an old man in a wheel chair into an aisle next to a machine we were playing, and he just sat there and smoked! He was not alone in just smoking, but not playing, and yes, it did chase us out too!
  6. A Library B2B in October 2019 and the ship was fine. We’ve been on her for 7 weeks over the last 4 years and she’s great IMHO. These reviews are done by the pickiest of folks. Don’t worry just enjoy.
  7. The only time in 2 B2Bs last year, that we paid any extra was when we ordered a couple of glasses of wine that were above $12. Every kind of drink, up to and including Grey Goose martinis were covered.
  8. Come on now...go with the new name, Manco and Manco! I first went to OC in 1955 and as a couple, we started coming in the early 80s. We’ve owned our house since 2005 and made it our one and only home 2+ years ago, and I still call It Mack and Manco!
  9. True, but we are big fans of the Landry’s Group restaurants and are always pleased by them, so in a strange city, they are often our go to place.
  10. We like Fisherman's Wharf Or Willie G’s where you can watch the boat traffic.
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